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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With M.O.N.T.

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Content Agency on

With the increased popularity of K-Pop, fans worldwide have been clamoring for groups to visit their countries. The three-man group M.O.N.T. listened and recently toured in Israel and India. "Israel was our first solo concert, so it was hard, but at the same time very fulfilling," says group leader Narachan. "At first we were worried (because we didn't know what to expect). However, we went because our MINTs (M.O.N.T.'s fan base) gathered strength together to invite us to those countries." Adds Bitsaeon, "We chose those countries because we knew there were many sad K-Pop fans in parts of the world that are waiting to see concerts. We wanted to give them something special. We sold out all our shows! In India, more than 18,000 people came to our concert." The trio's current tour includes dates in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Updated concert information is at Fans may follow M.O.N.T. on Twitter (, Instagram ( and Facebook (

Q. What's the last thing you remember eating overseas?

Narachan: In India, we had chicken butter masala, fried chicken rice, chili chicken curry and all kinds of other curry dishes. In Israel, the barbecued lamb and shakshuka were the most memorable. It was the first time for me to taste the shakshuka, so it was very special and tasty.

Roda: Indian food really suited my taste and I ate really well in India. I also really like sweet food and in Poland we went to a famous pancake place. The pancakes have marshmallows and are filled with chocolate and sprinkles!

Q. What are your hopes for this U.S. tour?

Bitsaeon: We hope many fans can come to the concert. The U.S. tour has always been a dream. If many fans would come, I'll feel very happy.


Q. What do you want to do while in the U.S., time permitting?

Narachan: I really want to see a musical in New York.

Roda: I want to try busking in America.

Bitsaeon: I want to visit all the famous restaurants.


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