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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Steve Aoki

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Content Agency on

Steve Aoki, a world-famous, Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, has collaborated with artists such as, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy. Most recently, he worked on the remix of BTS' hit single, "MIC Drop," which was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Known to foodies as the son of Benihana founder Rocky Aoki, he does philanthropic work through his Aoki Foundation, which supports brain science and research areas. Aoki, who has run his Dim Mak label for more than two decades, currently is on the road with his KOLONY US Tour ( Fans may stay in touch with him via Twitter ( and Facebook (

Q. What destinations are on your travel bucket list?

A. There are quite a few. There are a lot of places that I know work won't take me that I think about, like the Maldives or Machu Picchu or the pyramids in Egypt. It'll take me a while, but I'd like to get to the Galapagos and see those turtles and the wildlife. Those would be fascinating to see one day, where I would definitely feel like an explorer.

Q. You recently traveled to South Korea, site of the 2018 Winter Olympics. What was that like?

A. It was wonderful. I've been going to Korea playing shows for over a decade. It has been very interesting to see how K-Pop has grown in popularity worldwide. I love K-Pop and am so happy that BTS is having so much success and that my remix was so successful around the world. I'm glad that I was able to be a part of that.

Q. Will you return to Korea to collaborate with them again?

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A. I would go back anytime. We have a few other collaborations in the works and they're going to blow your mind. This is their time. They are all such great guys.

Q. You and (BTS member) RM traded clothes. What was that all about?

A. (Laughs) He said, "I love your sweater," so I gave it to him. So he took off his jacket and said, "Here, take this." I've never done that with anyone else. Whenever I see him, I light up like fireworks. Next time, I'm going to tackle him, because I love the guy so much. We're definitely brothers from different mothers.

Q. What else did you do in Korea besides work?


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