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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Patrick Gilmore

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Content Agency on

With credits such as "SGU Stargate Universe," "The Killing" and "Supernatural," Patrick Gilmore enjoys immersing himself into unique characters. The son of former hockey pro Tom Gilmore, the Canadian actor's latest role is as David Mailer in the Netflix series, "Travelers." Fans may interact with Gilmore on Twitter (

Q. If you could travel to any place, during any period of time, where would you like to visit?

A. I'd like to spend a fall and winter in Paris, see the colors of autumn and (then) experience a Christmas there. I'd try and tap into that 1920s expat bohemian lifestyle.

Q. Do you think any of the characters you've played would make good traveling buddies?

A. Tom Drexler from "The Killing" would make a wonderful travel buddy. He'd pay for everything -- nothing but the best -- and then he'd most likely get arrested and leave me to enjoy the trip by myself.

Q. How far along are you to getting your pilot's license?

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A. I'm only halfway through getting my license. However, my Dad is a pilot and I grew up in small planes. There's a power and freedom that I've come to associate with flying. I look forward to exploring that.

Q. What is your favorite vacation destination?

A. My family has a home in Northern Manitoba that I go to every summer. It always feels like I work the entire year just to get to "The Lake." Cellphones don't work, there's no TV and wonderfully bad internet. Nothing to do but swim every day, read and watch the evening thunderclouds roll over the water. Bliss. Over the years, I have compiled a checklist of summer activities for myself and guests. It's over 100 items and growing. It includes cliff jumping, outdoor movies, night swimming and spotting Northern Lights and falling stars.

Q. What untapped destination should people know about?


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