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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Malcolm David Kelley

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Content Agency on

A. Amsterdam and Egypt are among the places that I plan on visiting someday. While MKTO was on tour in New Zealand, we were so close to going to Amsterdam, but we got called to return earlier to New York City for a show. That just means that Amsterdam requires its own trip to experience all that it has to offer!

Q. When you go away, what are some of your must-have items?

A. My blanket for the flight and headphones for the in-flight movies, although I stay up the night before as late as possible so that I can sleep during the flight. Also, a sweater with a hoodie that I can put over my face. Whenever I travel, I take my mobile studio that Lil Wayne gave me because I love music. I'm blessed to be able to call it work, but it's also therapeutic for me.

Q. What would be your dream trip?

A. I want to be able to take all of my loved ones to Jamaica to just enjoy ourselves, party and eat!

Q. What is your guilty pleasure when you're on the road?

A. Eating and enjoying the club scenes. Whenever I go to Philly, I need at least two cheesesteaks. In Kansas City, my first stop is for barbecue. And in Hawaii, a stop at the Ono Shrimp truck is always at the top of my list.


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