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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Malcolm David Kelley

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Content Agency on

After impressing critics with his work in films such as "Antwone Fisher," Malcolm David Kelley was cast to play Walt on the hit series, "Lost." Now 25, Kelley is one of the stars of the new Kathryn Bigelow film "Detroit," which is based on the Algiers Motel incident during that city's 1967 12th Street Riot. "Detroit is a city with so much history," says the Los Angeles-based actor. "The people are great and truly resilient." Fans may interact with Kelley -- who is one half of the music duo MKTO -- on Twitter at

Q. Hawaii is a dream destination for so many people. Having worked on "Lost" on the island at such a young age, do you still want to vacation there?

A. Oh, man definitely. I would still 100 percent go there for vacations. I consider it one of my three homes. Like you said, I worked there as a young teen and grew up while filming the show and met people from the island, who I still consider family. I took my girlfriend, mom, dad and my grandmas, as well as a few others out to Hawaii, because it is truly a beautiful place. (I have) so many unforgettable memories from trying new food, to shooting one of the best shows ever, to (being) with my loved ones there. (I also have) crazy (memories) of wild boar running around and being scared of fake polar bears! Of course, I will never forget the water, because it's so clear and beautiful.

Q. What is your favorite vacation destination?

A. Honestly, hands down, Hawaii is definitely my top vacation destination. Whenever I'm there, I never have a problem getting into my own vibe. Anyone going to Oahu must go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and, of course, just relax on the beach after picking up a plate lunch with chicken katsu or kalua pig. The Bahamas is nice as well. I went out there for a show and brought my family, so that was an incredible vacation. Hawaii and the Bahamas, too, have such beautiful cultures to experience.

Q. What untapped destination should people know about?

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A. For those going Down Under to Australia, spend a day in the Sydney Harbour and paddle around Rose Bay.

Q. What was the first trip you took as a child?

A. One of the trips I loved as a child was with an organization called People to People, which takes groups of kids to learn about places around the world. My year, we traveled to England, Scotland and Wales. Staying with local families and visiting tourist spots with other teens was an incredible learning experience. I was blessed to have returned to the same places while touring with MKTO.

Q. What's the most important thing you've learned from your travels?


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