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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Marti Frederiksen

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Media Services on

Marti Frederiksen has written songs with an array of artists, including Carrie Underwood, Gavin Rossdale and Buckcherry. But it's his long-time collaborations with Steven Tyler that stand out. On Aerosmith's latest album, "Music From Another Dimension," Frederiksen wrote "Can't Stop Loving You" with Tyler, who sings duet on the song with Underwood. "It's really amazing to think about some of these amazing artists I've worked with," says Frederiksen, 50. "Each of them has such a distinct style and I got to be a part of that."

Based out of Nashville, he says he's quite comfortable packing up his compact studio to travel with him anywhere in the world. But just for good measure, he also keeps a studio in Maui, where Tyler likes to relax and work on songs.

You may stay in touch with Frederiksen on Twitter (at)Martihfred.

Q. What's your favorite destination?

A. Maui's the latest. I've been out there a bit and it's one of the best places on earth. And I find that I can get in work there, as well. I like London as well, but nothing really beats being on the beach in Maui. You're always going to have tourists there, but it's still amazing. I go swimming when I'm there, but I'd like to learn to surf a bit, not just because it's supposed to be fun, but because it's physical. I could use the workout.

Q. What's it like rocking the beach with Steven Tyler?


A. It's fun. I get to watch people freak out over him. We'll be sitting there and I'll be in my long shorts that go to the knees. He'll have on those European swim trunks that are shorter and he just looks like who he is. There's no way he can wear a disguise. People never leave him alone. Whether it be on the beach or in a restaurant, everyone wants to meet him. He's so good with people. Even if he's eating, he'll just ask if they can wait until he finishes his food. A lot of times he'll try to share the limelight and say, "Marti's famous, too," and they'll be like, "Whatever." (Laughs.)

Q. What do you always bring along on the plane?

A. I have this MacBook Air that's all souped up. I can do any of the music I want to on there. And it's so light and small that it travels really well. I don't usually travel with my guitar and stuff, so I really do need my computer. I have had my computer crash, so I like to email stuff so that it's backed up somewhere other than just my hard drive. Other than that, my iPad.

Q. How much work can you get done on the road?


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