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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Loni Love

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Media Services on

When Loni Love was in her 20s, her company was undergoing massive layoffs. As an electrical engineer, Love was making a nice salary and had good benefits. But she wasn't happy with her career.

"There were people who had been there for 30 years and I asked myself, 'Is this something that makes me happy?'" says the 40-year-old Los Angeles-based comic. "I wanted to be laid off and save someone else's job. I had been doing stand-up all along, and now I was free to do it full time. Being good to yourself and not getting too caught up in life goes along with traveling and taking vacations in my view. You need a good balance to keep you happy."

Love is a regular on programs such as "Chelsea Lately," "E!'s Wildest TV Show Moments," "The Smoking Gun Presents: The World's Dumbest" and "Kickin' It." To check out one of her live stand-up shows, go to for the latest tour schedule.

Q. What is your favorite vacation destination?

A. I really like Hawaii, especially Maui. It's quiet, lush and green. I try to turn off the phone and relax. If I'm there for a week, maybe I'll check in every two days 'cause the messages will get ridiculous if I don't. I work a lot and travel a lot for work, so when I get a couple days off to just rest, I want to sit back and relax with those little drinks with umbrellas in them.

Q. Where are your favorite weekend getaways?


A. From Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco are quick and easy trips. Las Vegas is cheap, fun and quick -- and it never closes! For a comedienne, that's the place to be. And Vegas has about the best buffets in the world, so you can eat on a budget if you need to.

Q. What are your favorite hotels?

A. I know a lot of people want to hear about all the high-end hotels, but do you know what hotel chain I really like? I really enjoy staying at the Holiday Inn ( They remodeled a lot of them so they're really nice, have comfy beds and are economical. It's nice to get a cup of coffee there and it doesn't break the bank. And I like that you know you're going to get pretty much the same thing wherever you go because it's a franchise. I don't like to waste a lot of money, whether it's my own or I'm traveling on someone else's dime.

Q. Everyone's scared of finding bedbugs in their hotel rooms. Have you seen one yet?


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