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Excellent Advice, Perfect Advice, Selfish Advice? What Does Your Agent Offer?

Ron Wynne on

When it comes to real estate, you want an agent who can give you excellent advice. Here's the difference: If you go to a doctor for treatment for a serious illness, she can't tell you with 100% certainty how it's going to wind up in the end. If she did, that would be perfect advice. However, assuming she's truly an expert, she can give you excellent advice. She can tell you about your illness and options, whether it will be surgery or medication. She can also explain what she believes to be the best option based on your history, symptoms and overall health. Ultimately, though, you have to make the final decision of whether to go through with the treatment plan.

Once you make that decision, your doctor will take you by the hand and walk you down the road to recovery. She will explain that there might be adjustments needed for the treatment plan because no one can know for certain how things will turn out. She might have to adjust your medications, or increase or decrease your treatment schedule. But every step of the way, she's there with you, helping you reach your ultimate goal. This is called excellent advice.

Similarly, if you go to an attorney, he can't tell you how the case is going to end up, or how the judge or jury will rule. That would be perfect advice. What an expert attorney can do is explain your options. He might pick one or two he believes to be the best. He will then leave you to make the decision on which option you want to take. Once you decide, he will help put a plan together based on the facts at hand. He will help you get to the best possible resolution. And along the way, he'll make whatever changes are needed. This is excellent advice.

With real estate, excellent advice is based on you (the client), your circumstances, your needs and your goals. It is client-specific. That is what you as a client deserve. Selfish advice is based on closing a deal at any expense. This mindset fails to look at all possible angles and find the one that best fits a client's needs. No one has a crystal ball, so giving perfect advice is unrealistic. Any transaction can have unanticipated twists and turns, but with an expert at the wheel, there should be a good overall outcome. You deserve excellent advice from an expert who has a track record of putting his or her client needs first. You deserve an agent who will provide the same care, concern or guidance he or she would for immediate family.



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