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The Team Approach Covers All the Bases

Ron Wynne on

People tend to list their property with an agent with a good reputation and track record, which makes total sense. Why would you trust an agent with no track record or reputation? Listing with a relative, friend or someone you remember from your college days gives you nothing other than a person who you know. It tells you nothing about their ability to find you a buyer who will pay top dollar.

There are many important considerations for hiring an agent, including the need for a skilled negotiator who is neighborhood-savvy and knowledgeable regarding contracts, laws and procedures. None of this, however, guarantees you a buyer who is willing to pay top dollar. What people often overlook, particularly in a thriving seller's market, is the proactive need for an agent to plug away daily for a buyer or multiple buyers! Agents these days don't even talk about what they will personally do.

A lot of agents these days are known as "fat cats." These are the agents who rely 100% on a buyer coming to them. Today, a fat-cat agent is no better a choice than an agent who just became licensed a year ago, although a new agent may be hungry and more willing to work than a fat cat, who would rather spend half of the week with her grandkids or on the golf course.

I believe a team is the best choice. A team is set up to have multiple people working for you. Everyone has a job. You have a name brand and a skilled professional with a sterling reputation as the team leader, your personal confidant and skilled negotiator.

The team leader has a huge database and closely follows a list of past clients, attorneys, CPAs and business managers who send them referral buyers. The other team members have duties and responsibilities including pitching your property to clients at open houses, to neighbors, to adjacent property owners, to investors, to owners of multiple properties similar to yours, to relocation companies, to other agents with buyers, to 1031 exchange clients and to clients who own businesses in the neighborhood. Everyone on the team, with their strengths and enthusiasm, will pitch your home on their own social media and to their personal circles, which might include apartment and condo dwellers, and people from church, their spouse's circles and place of business. This affords you multiple opportunities to find the right buyer. These team players will talk up your property at their kids' soccer and softball practice; at parent/teacher night; while walking their dog at the dog park; in the waiting room at the orthodontist; or while watching their daughter at karate. It's a whole team working for you. It's called the power of more!


I recently had to make a big decision about listing a commercial property and thought about it for a long time. Thankfully, I made the right choice by choosing a team with a team leader with years of experience and negotiating skills who I was sure had my best interest at heart. If you are looking for a team like I've described, there are a handful. Take your time and interview two or three, including myself. Ask lots of questions. Take lots of notes. Then trust your intuition. The team approach provides you the best of both worlds.


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