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The Dilemma: Do I Sell, Lease or Stay?

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It's a big decision. People often sell their homes when they are going through life changes such as aging, health issues, divorce, finances, etc. Many times, when people retire, they start to think about how they can live on a comfortable budget. That might mean selling your home and putting your money to work for you. Of course, you could rent ...Read more

My House Is So Much Better

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After 30 years in the real estate business, I still hear some of the same things I heard in the '80s and '90s. Imagine three houses on the market at the same time, each slightly different in price, size, location and room count. One house sells the first week after getting multiple offers. The second house sells within three weeks at just below ...Read more

Live Your Dream. Everybody Loves a New Home

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Times have changed, big time. Back in the day, people searched for a small home with the potential to add on and update as their income might later allow. People focused on building some equity and not throwing their money out on rent.

They sacrificed going to dinner and going on vacations to scrape up a down payment, and bought essential ...Read more

Understanding the Home Physical Inspection

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Over the years, home values have soared. Homes that used to cost $100,000 now cost well over $1,000,000. Buyers have become very savvy. In the meantime, these homes are becoming older and older with more physical issues needing attention. Physical inspections are a very important part of the buying process. As a seller, you need to be prepared ...Read more

What's All the Fighting About?

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Wouldn't it be great if everyone got along? It's nice to see neighbors become close friends and invite each other to barbecues, watch sports together and have kids swim parties. But sadly, this is not always the case.

Fights and disagreements come up and, in some cases, go unresolved for years, causing friction and bad feelings to trickle down ...Read more

It Was Like This When I Bought It

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Real estate dialogue is never black and white. The good news is you are only obligated to disclose what you know, and you are not obligated to explain the cause of a problem if you are not specifically knowledgeable. As a homeowner, don't make assumptions or conclusions unless you are qualified. However, do disclose the following:

1. Anything ...Read more

What Does Today's Buyer Need?

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What a buyer doesn't need is access to homes on the market. Chances are any buyer connecting with a real estate agent has already spent many hours surfing websites to see listings and photos and learn about neighborhoods and school district test scores.

Where do the services of an agent come into play, and what else does a buyer crave? ...Read more

Builders Have Figured out How to Attract Today's High-End Buyer

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Too many big white houses? Agreed, but they are still selling, along with a variety of other styles including contemporary/modern, craftsman, beach cottage, farmhouse, Santa Barbara Spanish and more. Have you noticed newly built houses have many things in common? That's not a coincidence. Builders have extensively surveyed young qualified ...Read more

What Can I Do to Bring up the Value of Our Home?

Home & Leisure / Ron Wynne /

What you can do to improve the value of your home is not a one-size-fits-all answer. It really depends on who might be the best-suited potential buyer. As one example, let's say that, by today's definition, your home is best suited for a developer, thus being what one might refer to as a teardown. There would be no extra value added for any ...Read more

The Places Where Builders Can Cut Corners

Home & Leisure / Ron Wynne /

Don't think of it as someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Think of it more as "you get what you pay for." Just like when you shop for a car, furniture, or a quality suit or pair of shoes, at first glance, an item doesn't always look that different than the top-of-the-line version, but after careful examination, big differences show.

...Read more

Today's Buyer: Less Is More

Home & Leisure / Ron Wynne /

The wish list of today's buyer is quite different from what it used to be. Buyers today are looking for open space that allows lifestyle flexibility -- more space, fewer walls. Buyers are no longer looking for a home with lots of little rooms with bookshelves and places to put their tchotchkes. It's about being streamlined and efficient. Today's...Read more



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