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Ways to Manage Stress When Selling your House

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Before we discuss the remedies, let's discuss what emotional stress is all about. Stress is a reaction to uncertainty, fear and the unknown. Nobody enjoys feeling hurried or rushed, particularly when there is a sizable asset and there are financial consequences for making a poor decision. The best advice I can give for selling your home is to ...Read more

Homebuyer Turn-ons and Turn-offs

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Thankfully, not every buyer has the same taste. There was an old expression that people would use when Baskin-Robbins ice cream stores were in every neighborhood: "That's why Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors." But truth be told, there were always a few flavors that sold the best. The same holds true with what sells houses.

The turn-ons currently ...Read more

Why Is My House Not Selling?

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"I'm totally stressed out because we've been on the market for eight weeks and we haven't even had an offer." Such were the words of a woman who called me to complain about her real estate agent, who led her to believe that she would have multiple offers after the first week. After listening to her until she sounded exhausted, she took a deep ...Read more

Where Would I Move and Why?

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Times have changed, and people don't move around like they used to. It's a big commitment to sell your home and move somewhere else, and it can be very expensive. One of the big fears people have is selling their home and not finding another in time to meet the escrow period. Another is that they won't like their new home and it will be ...Read more



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