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Do I Buy First or Sell First?

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This question has come up for many years. It seems to come up several times a week, because timing is not always simple. For those people who have the luxury of cash in the bank and are more concerned about the convenience of transition, I strongly suggest looking around and taking your time. Buying a home in this market is not always easy, ...Read more

Is My House a Teardown?

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The answer to whether your home is a teardown may not be black and white or predetermined. In other cases, it may be an easy yes or no. There are many factors that determine this. You should not be personally offended to know you live in a teardown, as it has no reflection on you.

Defining a home as a teardown has little to do with the age of ...Read more

Staged to Sell

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When walking into a home or condo on the market these days, you expect to see the dining room table set with candlesticks, place mats and wine glasses; and the kitchen with stylish canisters, dried pasta displays in glass flasks and a colorful basket of fruit. I'm really being a bit facetious, because, in fact, those are not at all the true ...Read more

Mistakes People Make When Buying a Home

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Mistakes can be very costly, especially when it comes to real estate. You don't want to find yourself in litigation after the close of escrow for specific performance or nonperformance, and you certainly don't want to find yourself in litigation for disclosures that should've been made. Most litigation is caused because of disclosure issues.

A ...Read more

Does It Make Sense to Remodel, or Will Future Buyers Just Tear My Home Down?

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I am asked this question every week: "Does it make sense to put money in my house, or am I just throwing my money out?" I am very careful to ask a couple of questions before answering. I want to know whether you are remodeling your home to live in and enjoy yourself, or in anticipation of it going on the market. Most homeowners answer that they ...Read more

It might not be easy to come back

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You might find it surprising, but when seniors tell me they are thinking about moving away, I always remind them that it might not be easy to come back. Nevertheless, depending on one's personal and financial situations, there are many cases where moving away makes good sense and is the best option. I generally advise anyone who has recently ...Read more

How to Know When the Market Is Turning

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It's hard to imagine the market turning when, every month, properties are selling for higher and higher prices. It would be rare for a market to plunge overnight the way a stock market could. It's just not the same. Although we have seen sudden changes in real estate, the following indicators can usually be seen weeks in advance:

1. Negative ...Read more

Not Every House Sells With Multiple Offers

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It might be easy to assume that any home for sale will have immediate multiple offers for hundreds of thousands above asking price, but please don't believe everything you hear. Yes, we are in a great real estate market with exceptionally strong demand and very low inventory. Yes, many homes are seeing multiple offers and outrageous bidding wars...Read more

My Kids Don't Want the Stuff, and We're Out of Space

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If you ever find yourself in the position of inheriting a house full of furniture, art, antiques, jewelry and linens, don't be surprised if you are left with very few satisfying options. One option often considered for unwanted items is to just "put it in storage," though it's usually a poor option. How many people have stored things for years, ...Read more

Why Are All the Buyers Either Investors or Developers?

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I recently represented a sweet three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Santa Monica. It had approximately 1,700 square feet, was built in 1948 and was remodeled in 1990. Since 1990, the owner replaced tile with granite countertops, added all new stainless-steel appliances, refinished the wood floors and removed the cottage cheese ceiling for a ...Read more

Valuable Household Hints!

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1) Dispose of new-paint odor by placing a large plate filled with salt in the room.

2) Remove grease spots from your carpet by pouring a generous amount of baking soda on the spots. Work it lightly into the pile or nap. Let it remain for at least 12 hours, and then vacuum.

3) Remove coffee or tea stains from china cups easily by sprinkling ...Read more

If We're Not Selling Till Next Year, When Do We Start?

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Every neighborhood is different, and markets are always subject to change. Currently, average market time is amazingly low. The number of days on the market, known as DOM by agents, always varies due to the price range. Accurate time on the market also assumes that a seller has priced the home somewhat realistically, based on recent comparable ...Read more

I Keep Losing out to an All-Cash Buyer

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If you're a buyer in today's crazy market, I truly have empathy and feel your frustration. If you're a seller, no doubt it's your time, but please remember that you were a buyer once, and please have a heart for these young people with kids who are desperately looking for a home. Of course you want to sell for top dollar, and you deserve to, but...Read more



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