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Analyzing Your Physical Inspection Priorities

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It is common practice when purchasing a single-family home to include a physical-inspection contingency in the purchase agreement. A contingency is a condition of the purchase. The physical-inspection contingency allows the buyer to thoroughly inspect the property from one end to the other and decide whether to purchase the property based on ...Read more

The Job of a Real Estate Agent

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If you had seen the question "What does a real estate agent do?" 20 years ago, you might have responded by saying, "They show homes to buyers, provide estimates of value and detailed marketing plans to sellers, negotiate contracts and follow contingencies to the close of escrow." It would not be incorrect to say that is still the job of a real ...Read more

Does Your Home Check All the Boxes?

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Depending on which report you read and on which day of the week, you can find conflicting quotes about the real estate market in certain areas. One thing agreed upon by all is that we are in a seller's market, and it's a good market for both sellers and buyers. Interest rates are low, and cash buyers are ready to go. On a more specific level, ...Read more

Excellent Advice, Perfect Advice, Selfish Advice? What Does Your Agent Offer?

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When it comes to real estate, you want an agent who can give you excellent advice. Here's the difference: If you go to a doctor for treatment for a serious illness, she can't tell you with 100% certainty how it's going to wind up in the end. If she did, that would be perfect advice. However, assuming she's truly an expert, she can give you ...Read more

4 Reasons You Should Insist on a New-Homes Specialist as a Buyer

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1. A new-homes specialist knows home value based on quality of construction, finish work, upgrades, appliances, square footage, design elements, landscape, lot size and street location.

2. A new-homes specialist can explain the differences between basic-grade quality and deluxe quality and show you where a builder either cut corners or went the...Read more

Home Inspection Deal Breakers

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It is common practice for a buyer to have a physical inspection when purchasing a home. Some sellers choose to do a pre-inspection. A buyer inspection can either conclude with a requested repair or a cash credit to be applied at the close of escrow. There are occasions where an inspection report causes a buyer to think twice or even back out of ...Read more

A little courtesy goes a long way

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There is no question we are currently in a seller's market. Of course, there will be another buyer's market. But buyers do not like to be reminded of that. Buyers want to feel they are being spoken to courteously and given consideration. They are spending their life savings, and this is an important decision. They don't want to be rushed, and ...Read more

A different mentality about the American dream

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Last week, I was talking with my grown son and his friend. We talked about home prices and what it would cost to buy a move-in-ready starter home in Mar Vista, California, north of Venice Beach. I told them that home prices would start at $1,400,000 for a home with two bathrooms. The exception might be a fixer.

My son's friend is renting a ...Read more

Buyers and Sellers Have Different Needs

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If you have ever sold a piece of property, you may recall your concerns. Every seller wants to know their home will sell for top dollar and respond well to the market. Sellers are concerned whether the real estate agent they choose is the perfect agent for their price range, location and architecture, for some agents specialize in one type of ...Read more

Put That Bottle of Bleach Away!

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Mold may be hiding in your home when you least expect it. For mold to live and grow, there needs to be a damp and usually dark and unexposed surface. Mold may be hiding in a closet behind clothes you rarely touch, or behind a dresser you haven't moved away from the wall in years. Mold can hide in a ceiling or wall after a water leak, or under a ...Read more

Today's Buyer May Not Agree With Your Taste

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Many homeowners take great offense hearing the truth about their homes. Times are changing very quickly, and buyers' tastes these days are quite different than they were even five or 10 years ago. I remember building my own house and choosing materials 15 years ago. I picked the tiles, kitchen counters, carpet, hardwood floors, wall coverings ...Read more

How Long Has It Been on the Market?

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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know a buyer is searching for motivation and trying to guess if a home's selling price might be flexible, or if the seller may be hungry for a low offer. Searching for motivation is always a factor for both a seller and a buyer. Let's examine motivation and how to play it out.

First, let's position ...Read more

Limitations to the Area Specialist

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Selecting a real estate advisory specialist is not as easy as it appears on the surface, but one thing's for sure: Be certain to evaluate the agent's track record, reviews, testimonials and personal recommendations. Do not be lured to consider a family member or personal friend based on a commission reduction or a feeling of obligation.

Next, ...Read more



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