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Ranch Chicken

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As 2021 draws to a close my thoughts turn to you - my readers. Thank you for allowing me to share my tasty healthy food journey with you each week. It's been a privilege connecting with you.

Developing the Plan Z Diet has been a major lifestyle change for me and my husband, and for all my loyal Plan Z dieters out there, I know committing to the Plan Z lifestyle means a lot of food changes for you, too. I hope you have found the changes rewarding, and are in better health because of it.

In celebration of your commitment, and because 2022 is right around the corner, I have a tasty little gift for you. Technically, the gift itself is not tasty (because it's a digital mini cookbook), but it contains a bunch of quick and easy recipes that (once cooked) are quite delicious and super easy to prepare.

Click HERE to get your free "Quick Fix" mini cookbook. My gift to you. This is sample of the kind of food you'll eat when you're on Plan Z. I hope you enjoy it.

Let's make 2022 your healthiest year yet!

Cheers and Happy New Year,


Ranch Chicken

This chicken is super moist and yummy. The ranch dressing gives it a gourmet feel without any work at all!

Servings: Serves 6



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