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My move to the South has opened up a whole new world to me.

Things big and small that I never saw or experienced in the North pop up all time.

My lesson today is about bugs.

The first bug I was introduced to this summer was the Stink Bug. My husband and I started seeing what seemed like GIANT bugs to us. They are about the size of a quarter or maybe even a silver dollar and they kept landing on our balcony. I asked around and was told those are Stink Bugs. Fairly harmless but ugly! They are technically considered poisonous but for the most part, they really don’t cause issues unless you have an allergy. I just thought they were gross! You want to keep them out of your house for sure. They do emit a stink if they feel threatened.

The next bug in my lesson on bugs is totally different. It’s not big. It’s not gross and it doesn’t smell but it’s insidious!

Little did I know…


We were visiting a cabin in upstate Georgia. I walked out one morning on my way to go shopping and the first thing I saw was a squirrel about six feet in front of me on a planter bed. He was creeping up on something bright yellow. I realized the yellow thing was moving! The squirrel sniffed it and immediately moved on.

As I got closer, I realized it was a caterpillar.

I’d never seen a yellow caterpillar. Up north, I was used to Woolybear caterpillars. Those are brown and black. They are pretty darn harmless. You can even pet them, and I had done so as a child.

This little yellow guy I videotaped. I had technical problems, so the video is really short but here it is...


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