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Blueberry Sauce

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The Best Advice I’ve gotten on COVID. The most hopeful and helpful thing I’ve read so far on the virus came from my naturopathic doctor in Chicago, Dr. Terese. I miss her. She’s a brilliant woman. Good thing I am still on her mailing list. I am revisiting what she sent to me one year into this saga because I still feel this is the best advice.

My feeling is the most important thing we can do is not get COVID-19. Do everything you can to not contract the virus. Yes, do all the things the experts are saying. Keep washing hands regularly. Social distancing. And all the rest. But there are other things you can do that will help strengthen your immune system and (hopefully) make you less likely to get it. Here’s what my doctor sent with my comments thrown in.

From Dr. T:

Recommendations for staying healthy and overall flu/viral prevention strategies.

1. Diet – Remove all added sugars, white flours, pastas and foods that are higher glycemic foods. High levels of glucose in your bloodstream can decrease the effectiveness of your immune system in fighting off illness. Focus on eating a clean diet with lots of vegetables, lower sugar fruits (like berries), grass-fed meat, eggs, wild-caught fish, and legumes. Adding raw garlic to your diet can boost your immune system’s natural killer cells.

From Zola: This looks like Plan Z in one paragraph! If you’re currently on the Plan Z diet, this list will look familiar. If you are not yet a Plan Z client this can give you extra motivation to get started. Of course, there are lots more details as part of Plan Z and you need the all-important ZR50 Crave Control spray to keep you comfortable.

From Dr. T: Sleep – Sleep deprivation can suppress your immune system...

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Blueberry Sauce

I suggest serving this with one-third of a cup of vanilla ice cream. I don’t eat cow ice cream anymore. The brand So Delicious is made with coconut milk and is divine. There are other brands coming out too. Read labels and do the math before you dive in. This small dessert fills the craving and I am satisfied. I’ll hope it will be the same for you, too.


Servings: Serves 4


1 1/2 cups of blueberries
3/4 cup of water
1/4 - 1/3 cup of sweetener. I use ZSweet or Swerve (buy online).
1 Tbl of corn starch dissolved in 2 Tbl of water
2 tsp of vanilla


In a medium saucepan add all the ingredients. Cook on medium-high until the berries bubble and some begin to break. Stir often. I sort of poke at some of the berries with my wooden spoon to encourage them to open up. When the sauce turns the deep blueberry purple color turn it down to medium-low and continue cooking until it thickens up to your liking. This will likely be two to five minutes. Take off the heat and let sit to thicken more and cool down.


I make this while I am making the rest of dinner. This ensures that I hang around the pan to stir often. After dinner, the sauce is still a bit warm and tastes lovely over the ice cream.

Be sure to dissolve your corn starch in the water. If you put it in straight, you’ll likely have aggravating white lumps in your sauce.





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