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How To Eat French Fries

A low carb instruction manual.

When you go low carb, the first thing they tell you is to cut out all the white stuff. The pasta, the bread and the potatoes are the first to go.

I agree with all that.

A few years ago, I dubbed myself The Queen of Four Fries.

And I have perfected that talent without it hitting my waistline.


This is all supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, (in other words, entertaining) but buried in here too are pieces of advice that when applied to eating French fries can come in handy.

First, we need a definition of one French fry. I call it a classic cut fry, fresh cut or frozen, four to five inches long. That’s 15 to 20 inches of French fries if you lay them end to end. That sounds like plenty doesn’t it? Compare that to the huge pile they usually deliver on your plate when you order in a restaurant.

This isn’t shoestring fries, or waffle fries or even steak fries. You’ll have to adapt the visual and the math to convert to those shapes.

So now that we have established portion size, let’s talk about how to eat them...


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