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Tarragon-Mustard Shrimp

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Counting Calories

We were all taught the same thing. Calories in. Calories out. It’s all about the calories.

When I was a young teenager, I bought one of those pocket-sized calorie counting books they sold at the grocery store. They were prominently displayed by the check out. I took it home and it didn’t take me long to memorize it. I was obsessed with wanting to lose weight and look like a waif. Twiggy was the “model of the moment” in those days. She was the most famous waif on the planet. I wasn’t really fat. I just thought I was. And the way to lose weight was to cut back on calories consumed. Everyone knew that.

Well, what everyone knew to be true was wrong.

You will be shocked at how flawed counting calories really is when you watch this video. Absorb this info and your whole view of calorie counting will change...

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Tarragon-Mustard Shrimp

This dish made a wonderful lunch salad entrée in our Plan Z kitchen. I think it would be GREAT as an appetizer at a cocktail party, too. If you are on ZReduction you can take this with you and you’ll have what you need to eat. As an appetizer it can be served, hot, room temp or cold. The other guests at the cocktail party will NEVER know you are eating diet food. They will love it, too.

Servings: Serves 6. Can easily be doubled for a party.



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