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Chicken Breasts with Zola's French Pan Sauce

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The football game is over. The score is in the record books. The bets are paid off.

Interesting fact: over $4.2 billion is bet on the Super Bowl worldwide. Most of that is illegal betting; the kind that happens in the office pool, the corner bar, or even a house party.

I can make a bet too and have pretty good odds. I bet whatever resolution you set on January 1 is in the books, too. You’ve quit.

More than 50 percent of Americans make some kind of resolution and for many, the promise made is to lose weight, and for most, it’s a failed attempt before Super Bowl Sunday hits in early February.

Here are three of the biggest reasons people quit a diet...

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Chicken Breasts with Zola's French Pan Sauce

This is a ZReduction recipe. I think I have made this three times in the last two weeks and that’s pretty much a record for me. This dish is easy and it tastes fancy!

Servings: Serves 2. Can be doubled easily.



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