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The Richest Mashed Potatoes

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My childhood Monday dinner went like this:

Mom would set my plate of food in front of me. Every Monday we had the same meal…baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and a veggie. Usually, the veggie was peas.

Once mom gave me my Monday meal, my first move was to dig a hole in my mashed potatoes and push in a pat of butter. I was raised in Wisconsin during a time when we were not afraid of butter, so that was a nice extra touch. I remember the butter was always cold. I’d cover it up with some of the warm mashed potatoes so it would melt.

I then proceeded to eat my chicken, followed by my peas. I’d save the mashed potatoes until the end. The potatoes were my favorite. I’d break open the encased butter which, by the end of the meal, was melted and gooey. Then I’d dig in with my spoon and savor those potatoes. I’d roll them over my tongue to get every last bit of flavor from them. If there were any mashed potatoes left over I’d ask my mom for a second helping.

Of course, at that age, I didn’t realize our bodies processed mashed potatoes and sweet desserts in almost the same way...

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The Richest Mashed Potatoes

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I’m trying to help you out here. If you are going to break down and have mashed potatoes let’s try to make them as healthy as possible. The secret to these is the fat. Any time you are going to eat carbs, if you can add fat, the glycemic index won’t launch so fast. Your blood sugar won’t spike as much so you’re less likely to turn those potatoes into fat.


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