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Pumpkin Icebox Pie

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Optional Topping:

2 cups of whipping cream
1 Tbl of powdered Swerve to sweeten the whipping cream
1 tsp of vanilla


Beat the cream cheese and pumpkin puree in a bowl until lightly smooth and fluffy. This will take a good minute. Add the syrup, pumpkin pie spice and salt. Mix with your mixer to get this stirred in. Be sure to wipe down the side of the bowl to get it all mixed in.

On your stove use a small sauce pan to add the water, gelatin and optional liquor. Stir over medium heat until the gelatin dissolves. This won’t take even a minute. Set aside for it to cool for two minutes and then add it to the pumpkin mixture. Stir it in by hand.

In another bowl, put in the cup of whipping cream. Mix with a mixer on high speed until the whipping cream forms stiff peaks. Don’t overbeat or it will start to become butter.

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Gently fold the whipping cream into the pumpkin mixture until it’s fully incorporated. I do this with a spatula so I can gently keep turning the mixture over until it folds in and not big streaks of white remain.

Pour this into your cooled crust and smooth the top. Set in your refrigerator to cool and set up. This will take about six hours.

To Top Your Pie:

In a bowl add two cups of whipping cream, the sweetener and the vanilla. Beat on high speed until the cream forms peaks. You can decorate your pie before serving like I did, or you can just serve each piece with a dollop of whipped cream.



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