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Beefy No-Noodle Lasagna

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I have to tell you I am reluctant to have this discussion. In the four years I’ve worked to develop Plan Z, I have never brought up the subject of bread and baked goods. I felt like if I ignored the subject it would not come up. Instead, I spent a lot of time laying down the framework for the fact that you don’t need bread, donuts or cupcakes in your life. Or any of the rest of it. And it’s true. You can get used to not eating it.

But I know the subject of bread comes up in your home and your offices. It’s like the elephant in the room that will make you feel like an elephant if you eat too much of it.

So before we embark on the subject of bread (and the good versus the evil things about it) I want to define what bread is. If I hammer home anything today this is all I want you to know. Bread is dessert and it has to be treated like a treat.

It’s dessert. Let’s look at the chemistry...

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Beefy No Noodle Lasagna

This is a hearty and satisfying casserole for those who would love a traditional lasagna but know the noodles are not smart. Our favorite foods don’t have to make us gain weight.

Servings: Serves 6


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