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Antipasti Ideas And Italian Shrimp Cocktail

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The definition of Antipasti:

An appetizer usually consisting of an assortment of foods, such as smoked meats, cheese, fish, and vegetables.

Sounds like a low-carb platter of perfection, doesn’t it?

Here are some basic but tasty ideas of what you could include in an antipasti tray:

Smoked meats – visit a smokehouse cool options like venison or boar

Marinate brocconcini (small balls of Mozzarella cheese) in olive oil, red pepper and Italian herbs

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Roasted or grilled eggplant either marinated or turned into baba ganoush

Strawberries sprinkled with some really good balsamic

Roasted peppers with roasted garlic

Tuna seared with black pepper served sashimi style


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