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Antipasti Ideas And Italian Shrimp Cocktail

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The definition of Antipasti:

An appetizer usually consisting of an assortment of foods, such as smoked meats, cheese, fish, and vegetables.

Sounds like a low-carb platter of perfection, doesn’t it?

Here are some basic but tasty ideas of what you could include in an antipasti tray:

Smoked meats – visit a smokehouse cool options like ...Read more

Baked Kale or Swiss Chard Chips

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My mom never had trouble getting me to eat my vegetables; except those times when she served lima beans. I hated lima beans. I thought they were so disgusting to chew, that I’d swallow them like pills. I flushed them down with milk. My family believed in the “Clean Plate Club.” You didn’t leave the table without eating everything on your...Read more

Mashed Cauliflower

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Small Town 4th of July...

Flash back, if you can, to 1965.

John Glenn had circled the Earth in Friendship 7 but we had not yet made it to the moon.

The Beatles were in full swing and had appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show the year before.

Vietnam was being mentioned in the newspaper but we were not yet subjected to a daily listing of...Read more

Raspberry Gelee

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The True Cost of a Lightbulb

The joke goes like this: “How many people does it take to change a light bulb?”

The answer is long as that person isn’t me.

If it’s me, apparently there are risks.

So, it’s a Tuesday night. The light in the vent hood above my stove hood has gone out. I decide it’s time to change it. I ...Read more

Mashed Cauliflower

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The Goodness of Ghee

My first encounter with ghee happened when I was a little kid. I had no idea it was ghee, but it had a special fascination for me.

On rare occasions, my mom and dad would take us out to dinner on Sunday evening. We usually went to a little bar/supper club call Bleiers. The long bar in front was usually crowded. ...Read more

Little Green Orbs

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Truth be told, the first four decades of my life I HATED Brussels sprouts.

I thought they smelled bad and tasted even worse.

Until one day...

Actually, it was evening. I had taken my whole staff out for a fancy Christmas dinner. There I was, surrounded by about two dozen people who cared about me and respected me. We all ordered our dinner ...Read more

Grilled Baby Lobster Tails

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I started dieting at age 12.

Some of you may know that already.

I know now that 12 years old is too early to go on a diet. At the time, I was worried because I was going to be in my big sister’s wedding and I was afraid of what I’d look like in the pictures. Even then I knew that "wedding pictures are forever." I look at those pictures now...Read more

Patriotic Cherries

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Memorial Day was always a fun holiday at my house. As a kid, I always remember the day to be sunny and not too cold. I’m sure that was not the case every year, but my memory holds that weather report on record anyway.

One of the other things I will always remember about Memorial Day is kittens. Spring always brought a fresh batch of furry ...Read more

Yogurt with Fruit and Nuts

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Tips for preventing the yo-yo dieting cycle

You’ve lost a nice chunk of weight. Congratulations! Trouble is most folks just gain it back – and then some. There are tasty ways to prevent weight gain. Make a few minor adjustments and you’re on your way to maintaining your weight loss.

1. Eat 3 times a day.

Trick here is to keep ...Read more

Lemon Mousse Torte

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People are always asking me what the consequences are if they cheat on a diet. I always answer the same way.

It depends.

There are some minor cheats you can make on a diet without putting yourself in the penalty box.

There are other things you can do to cheat on a diet that can have lasting effects and might even sabotage you altogether. The ...Read more


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In the 30-plus years that I’ve been gardening I’ve learned a lot about what I can handle and what I can’t. For instance, I quit planting vegetables and fruits decades ago. Seems odd for a food writer, doesn’t it?

But here’s the story. Early on I planted strawberries. They surrounded my little pond and looked beautiful. I looked ...Read more

Swiss Chard with Bacon

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If you’re trying to eat healthy, (aka clean eating) you’re likely to have an opinion about bacon. I have a very dear friend from Iowa. The land of pork.

He’s the kind of guy who gets his pork products directly from the farm. He was raised on a farm so he still has lots of friends in the farming business and he chooses his purveyors ...Read more

Java Fluff

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Fitbit Mania

When the “10,000 steps a day” craze started, my husband and I bought in. We strapped pedometers to our waistbands and got hoofing it.

Over our lunch break, we’d tie up our athletic shoes and head to the dog park around the corner. It’s a big park. Two blocks long on each side. We’d walk at a brisk pace around the ...Read more

Frozen Yogurt Bark

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Everyone wants to know if they should eat early. My first experience with that was back in the early 80’s when I used to jump around in front of my TV following Jane Fonda’s exercise tapes. What a waste of time that was.

I did that routine just about every day but it never helped me lose weight. Maybe it toned me a bit but I never peeled ...Read more

Italian Burgers

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Clean Grillin'

I’ve never been that fond of the grill. I think I can trace it back to when I was about 20 years old. I bought a charcoal grill that came in a box. I had to put it together. Even with perfectly clear directions, it still took me five hours to get that thing ready to cook a hotdog. It wasn’t the most expensive grill so ...Read more

Roasted Red Potatoes with Onions and Balsamic Vinegar

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Resistant Carbs

I have to admit. I’ve been keeping a secret.

I have had good reason to keep the secret, and that is, there wasn’t much data out, and I didn’t want to send you down a rabbit hole unprepared for the results.

I’ve been harping over the years on how bad for you the “white stuff is.” Bread, pasta, potatoes and ...Read more

What Margarine Does To Your Body

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Pop Quiz: If you put a lump of margarine by an ant hole, the ants will:

A) Ignore it.
B) Bury it.
C) Close up shop and move away.


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