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Summer's bounty: When tomatoes ripen past their prime, try drying them in the oven

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Yes, I have to admit it: I played a part in the great sun-dried tomato craze of the 1980s. Guests at my original Spago location above Hollywood's Sunset Strip could enjoy sun-dried tomatoes on pizzas, in pastas and salads, and as part of the sauces or garnishes for grilled or sauteed foods. From their gemlike, deep-red color to their chewy ...Read more

Easy does it: There's no sufferin' over this simple succotash recipe

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Cooking with the seasons has become a big catchphrase these days. And it's easy to understand why. When you plan meals around what's freshest in the farmers' market, you almost always ensure that the food you put on your table will have the best flavor and texture while also offering the most nutritional benefits -- and all at the greatest ...Read more

Go nuts! Cashew 'cream' sauce is the highlight of this vegan dish

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Most people today understand what it means to be vegetarian, avoiding meats, poultry or seafood in their diets. In fact, the ever-rising popularity of farmers' markets makes it possible for more and more food lovers to consider themselves at least part-time vegetarians, enjoying the pleasures and health benefits of meals without animal proteins ...Read more

From sea to shining sea: Set off culinary fireworks with this fresh, flavorful seafood recipe

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I haven't seen definitive statistics on the matter, but I'd be willing to bet that Independence Day sees more people across America cooking and eating outdoors than any other day of the year. It's a time to enjoy summer in all its glory with family and friends; and food in the open air seems even better when it's bookended first ...Read more

Pizza party: Welcome summer with a new approach to barbecue

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Summer is now officially here, and everyone seems to be craving barbecue. Of course, that word can mean different things to different people, from the slowly smoked meat of the American South or Midwest to the Caribbean- and Mexican-influenced spicy barbacoa of the Southwest to the quickly grilled foods many people think of as barbecue in ...Read more

Dad's day: Fire up the grill to make mouth-watering baby back ribs

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Having four sons who range in age from 10 to 28 years old, I always look forward to Father's Day. The holiday is known, among other reasons, for the range of gifts dads traditionally get, including hand-drawn pictures, ties, socks, coffee mugs and aftershave.

One of the most welcome Father's Day gifts I can think ...Read more

Ice cream, you scream: Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day with your choice of two classic toppings

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June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, or so the people who keep records of such days will tell you. And while there doesn't seem to be any official explanation for why that particular frozen dessert should be assigned this particular day, it certainly makes sense that the holiday should come around this time of year. After ...Read more

Get grilling! Follow these guidelines for the perfect Memorial Day steak

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Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of the summertime grilling season. With that in mind, I'd like to share my tips for getting the best results when grilling one of my favorite dishes: steak. All of my chefs at my CUT steakhouses (in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, London, Bahrain, Singapore and New York City) follow these lessons....Read more

Cool quiche: Once the star of the lunch table, this classic dish comes back with a new taste

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I recently received one of the great honors of my career with the unveiling of my very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The best part of that day was that it took place in the presence of the people who make everything I do possible: the many chefs and other team members who work in my restaurants and catering company; and, most important...Read more

Old-fashioned favorite: Give a delicious, homemade gift this Mother's Day

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Everything I learned about good home cooking I learned from my mother and grandmother. Both of them ruled the kitchen of our family's cottage in the town of St. Veit in southern Austria, and the meals that they produced with basic equipment and humble ingredients proved every day that food cooked with a combination of knowledge, skill and love ...Read more

The fried is right: Enjoy a taste of authentic Latino cuisine this Cinco de Mayo

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When May arrives, so many people across America begin thinking about how they'll celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the holiday commemorating the Battle of Puebla, an important victory in 1862 during Mexico's war against invading French forces. But it may surprise you to learn that the day is only a minor occasion in its home country, while Americans have...Read more

'No spring chicken': When you don't have time to wait, make this seasonal poultry dish, pronto

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Thinly pounded slices of meat or poultry can become one of the most versatile ingredients in your cooking repertoire. Probably the dish for which my native Austria is most famous, for example, is Wiener schnitzel, literally "Viennese slice" -- a thinly pounded piece of meat that, in the style popular in the Austrian capital, is coated with ...Read more

Roll into spring: Celebrate Earth Day using garden-fresh ingredients

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All along the streets near my Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills, colorful banners have been announcing local observances for Earth Day. Officially celebrated on April 22, the event began on college campuses across the nation back in 1970 and aims to make all of us more aware of the importance of keeping our planet ...Read more

On the hunt: Try putting all your Easter eggs in one (souffle) basket

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What's on your Easter menu? Chances are the main dish will be a glazed ham or maybe a juicy roast of spring lamb. And no doubt the table will also feature beautiful salads, sides or desserts starring fresh seasonal produce from the farmers' market, symbolizing the season of renewal.

But the ingredient people expect to see most of all on the ...Read more

Seder surprise: Impress Passover guests with a fresh take on a Jewish classic

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"Why is this night different from all other nights?"

That's the age-old question at the heart of the Passover Seder, the ritual meal held on the first night of the holiday (which falls on April 10 this year) that remembers the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in ancient Egypt.

At Spago restaurant in ...Read more

April fool your taste buds: Alternative ingredients turn luxurious pasta classic into budget-friendly dish

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Taking a shortcut in the kitchen for the sake of convenience or to save money can sometimes lead to less-than-successful results. I won't use canned or bottled tomato sauce, for example, if ripe, in-season tomatoes are available to make a quick, sun-sweetened sauce from scratch. And I don't see the point of containers of pre-grated Parmesan; ...Read more

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