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The Kitchn: Cheesy corn and potato croquettes are a one-bit wonder

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Looking for a bite that will surely put a smile on your face? Look no further than these corn, cheese, and potato croquettes. In this recipe, I combine sweet summer corn with plenty of melty cheese and bind it all together with seasoned mashed potatoes. The mixture gets formed into balls, rolled in panko, and then fried until light and crispy.

Creamy, cheesy, crispy potatoes with little pops of sweet corn? I have no doubt that these little bites will be a summer gathering crowd-pleaser.

Tasty tips

Leverage your leftovers. I started this recipe from raw potato but you can use leftover unseasoned mashed potatoes or seasoned mashed potatoes. If using pre-seasoned mashed potatoes, be sure to taste before adding additional seasoning.

Choose your corn. I recommend using summer corn fresh off the cob for this recipe. If you don’t have fresh corn, then canned or thawed frozen corn will work as well — and those options make sure you can make these tasty bites year-round.

Make it crispy. I chose panko for the crispiest exterior, but feel free to substitute with the breadcrumbs of your choice.


Keep it cheesy. Feel free to use your favorite melty cheese in this recipe. Cheddar, American cheese, or Manchego are all delicious options for that tasty cheese-pull moment.

Finish with hot sauce. You can dip the croquettes in your favorite dipping sauce, but I really enjoyed them with a few splashes of Tabasco. The vinegar cuts through the cheesy richness. Plus, it’s as easy as grabbing the bottle and splashing it on.

Corn, Cheese, and Potato Croquettes

Makes 20 to 22 (1 1/2-inch) croquettes


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