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The Kitchn: Corn on the cob is the best thing to cook in the air fryer this summer

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The air fryer does it again! Just when I think I can’t love this countertop powerhouse any more, I try a new recipe that just amazes me. And simply put, air fryer corn on the cob absolutely floored me. You don’t need to wait for a pot of water to boil or the grill to heat up because the air-fried results are the best of both of those worlds: the most tender-crisp kernels, plus some browned kernels and very lightly charred edges. Of all the ways to cook corn on the cob, the air fryer is my new favorite.

How to cook corn on the cob in the air fryer

Air fryer corn on the cob could not be easier (or faster!) to make, and requires three simple steps.

1. Shuck corn. While the air fryer heats up, shuck the corn. If needed, cut each corn in half to fit in the air fryer in a single layer.

2. Season corn. Rub each piece of corn all over with olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt.

3. Cook corn. Air fry corn until tender and slightly charred around the edges, 6 to 8 minutes.


Since air fryer corn on the cob cooks so quickly, it’s a good idea to make this the last thing out of your dinner spread that you cook. I like to let it cook while I’m bringing everything to the dinner table and plating the rest of the meal. This ensures the plate of corn is still steaming when it’s time to eat.

How to serve air fryer corn on the cob

Whether you serve air fryer corn on the cob as is, or slick it with melted butter and a shower of salt, it makes a classic summer side that’s easy to partner with almost anything you cooked for dinner. You can also shave it off of the cob for salads, pastas, and other side dishes.

Air Fryer Corn on the Cob Recipe


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