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The Kitchn: Soup dupe! This zuppa Toscana recipe outdoes the popular Olive Garden menu item

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If you crave Olive Garden’s zuppa Toscana, you need to make this recipe. It hits the spot in just the same way, and it might even be better because you have a big ol’ pot to yourself. Plus, coming in at just 10 ingredients, it’s an easy copycat recipe that isn’t a labor of love.

Creamy with just a touch of heat and spice from hot Italian sausage, this potato and kale studded soup is rich and satisfying. Make a big batch to stock up your freezer, serve it to family, or enjoy leftovers throughout the week. Just don’t forget to serve it with breadsticks.

How to make Your zuppa Toscana even better than Olive Garden

Amp up the flavor! A dash of white wine vinegar perks up the soup by cutting through the creaminess without taking away from it. We also like to add in more pepper flakes and fresh herbs.

Is zuppa Toscana spicy?

This zuppa Toscana recipe is ever-so-slightly spicy from the Italian sausage and crushed red pepper flakes, but can easily be prepared for the spice-averse — just use sweet Italian sausage in place of hot and skip the red pepper flakes. On the other hand, feel free to amp it up with more pepper flakes for the spice-lovers.


Zuppa Toscana

Serves 6

4 slices bacon (about 4 ounces)

1 small yellow onion


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