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The Kitchn: Coffee cake cookies are the coziest fall treat imaginable

Jesse Szewczyk, on

It’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of cookies, but what you might not know is that I also really love coffee cake (so much so, in fact, that I created a 10-minute version). But instead of enjoying the two treats separately, I thought it would be far more exciting to combine them, creating the ultimate cozy dessert for fall. Enter: crisp and chewy coffee cake cookies, complete with brown sugar and cinnamon, a buttery streusel coating, and a drizzle of easy icing.

This step-by-step recipe will show you how to make coffee cake cookies in four simple steps — all without having to bust out your mixer. Enjoy them with coffee for breakfast, with milk for dessert, or as part of a killer ice cream sandwich. Here’s how to do it.

1. Make a simple sugar cookie dough.

You’ll start by mixing up a super-easy sugar cookie dough by hand. Whisk together melted butter with white and brown sugars, vanilla extract, and one egg plus one egg yolk. (The extra yolk makes the cookies super tender and chewy.) Then, mix in your dry ingredients — flour, cinnamon, salt, baking powder and baking soda — and the dough is done!

2. Whip up a buttery streusel.

After you make the dough, you’ll whip up a simple coffee cake-style streusel that you’ll roll the dough balls in before baking. To make it, mix melted butter, flour, brown and white sugars, cinnamon, and salt together with your hands, squeezing it into little pea-sized clumps.


3. Roll the dough balls in the streusel.

Now for the fun part: coating the dough balls in the streusel! Portion the dough into 3-tablespoon-sized balls, dip in egg white (this will help make the streusel stick), and roll in the streusel, using your hands to gently press it into the dough. Repeat this process with all of the dough, place the dough balls on baking sheets, and bake.

4. Drizzle the baked cookies with a 2-ingredient icing.

After your cookies come out of the oven, let them cool completely. While they cool, make the icing, which is a simple combination of powdered sugar and milk. Whisk until the icing is pourable but not so thin that it’s translucent, then drizzle it over the cookies. Let the cookies sit for about 10 minutes until the icing sets, then pour some cups of hot coffee to go along with the cookies and enjoy!


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