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Phil Your Glass: Looking for a new white wine? This Albarino is bueno

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It's OK to drink white after Labor Day. Who am I to judge? While you're at it, thrown on a pair of your white Gucci jeans. It's clam bake season, and we're going to celebrate with a nice crisp bottle of Albarino.

This refreshing aromatic white wine is traditionally grown in Spain's Rias Baixas region along the northwest coast, where seafood is a daily staple. Albarino is made to enjoy with seafood.

I sampled four of these lovely Spanish white wines for this story.

The $14.99 Burgans, $16.99 Licia and $18.99 Laxas all were delicious.

Albarino is one of my three favorite white varietals to drink in the world. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase any of them.

However, the $21.99 Paco & Lola Albarino went to the head of the class for me.


I loved the grapefruit nuances in the wine, which is typical for many Albarinos. The grapefruit flavors are balanced and do not twist your cheeks into a sailor's knot after your first sip.

Note to sauvignon blanc lovers — give this wine a try. You'll be hooked by the lime zest and orange blossom aromas.

I enjoyed my first few sips with a couple of feta-stuffed green olives, a hunk of Manchego cheese and handful of Marcona almonds. Just to mix things up, I had a glass with a few tortilla chips and queso along with a spicy California roll. Of course it was superb with my homemade steamed clams and muscles in a white wine and garlic broth. Me encanata!

How do you say get on the treadmill in Spanish? I better call one of my nieces.

One of the nice things about Paco & Lola Albarino is that they have produced a special celebration label to help support LGBTQ community members by donating a portion of sales wherever their wine is distributed. The colorful festive bottles help promote diversity and inclusion through the winery's 2020 #takeprideeverymonth campaign.

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