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Fresh salsa for the summer

By Kary Osmond on

Fresh salsa is always better than salsa you buy in a jar, and the flavor is second to none; especially when tomatoes are in season.

I used to make pails of this fresh salsa at the grocery store kitchen, and it would fly off the shelves. Not only is salsa great on chips, but you can use a few spoonfuls of it to season a guacamole, tame the sweetness of a baked sweet potato, or as a sauce for grilled zucchini.

I have a couple key pointers when making salsa.

1. The tomatoes must be ripe; even over ripe is fine, as this will yield the best tomato flavor that's slightly sweet.

2. Season your diced tomatoes with salt before making the salsa. This will intensify their flavor and drain some of their juices so you're salsa isn't too watery.


3. Keep your salsa out of the fridge, as it will only mute the fresh flavors.

For this basic tomato salsa recipe, you can control the heat by either omitting the jalapeno seeds for a mild salsa or by leaving a few in for a hot salsa.

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Serves 4


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