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The Kitchn: High protein snacks you can take anywhere

By Sheela Prakash on

When a mid-afternoon hunger pang strikes, protein is the easiest way to tame it quickly. Yet many protein-rich snacks -- things like yogurt, string cheese and turkey roll-ups -- require refrigeration, making them less than ideal if you're traveling or somewhere without a fridge within reach. These seven ideas will save you in those moments. They're wholesome and satisfying, and can be stored right at room temperature.

1. No-bake peanut butter protein cookies

Opting for quinoa flakes instead of rolled oats is what gives the peanut butter snack cookies their extra hit of protein.

2. Maple-tamari roasted almonds

Tamari lends a salty, savory note to candied almonds. You can skip the sesame seed coating, but we do like the added crunch it provides.

3. Crispy oven-roasted chickpeas

While roasted chickpeas will lose some of their crunch as they sit out at room temperature, they'll still be highly snack-able.

4. Homemade jerky in the oven


Making jerky yourself is a whole lot easier than you might think. We've tried it marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil and brown sugar before dehydrating in the oven.

5. Vanilla cashew clusters

Consider yourself warned: These cashew clusters are irresistible! If you have any left over from snacking, they're great sprinkled on ice cream or yogurt.

6. Smoked almond snack bars

While most snack bars lean sweet, nut- and seed-filled ones head in the savory direction, thanks to smoked almonds, paprika and garlic powder.

7. Deluxe tropical trail mix

Almonds, pepitas, cashews and puffed quinoa give a tropical-leaning trail mix its protein boost.

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