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The Kitchn: Make your own cute and fancy butter pats

By Lisa Freedman on

The party problem: You're serving steak for a nice dinner party and want to add a personal touch.

The party trick: Use silicone candy molds to make super-special butter pats.

You thought we were going to suggest a branding iron, didn't you? We didn't! We're taking a cue from those fancy steakhouses that always seem to serve their butter pats in the shape of their logo.

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You might not have your own logo (or a candy mold to match!) but that's not necessary. We opted for simple heart-shaped molds, figuring they're super cute for a sweet Valentine's Day dinner.

Simply let your butter get to room temperature, so it's easy to spread. Fill each cavity of your mold and put it back in the fridge until the butter has hardened again. Pop each one out before dinner and store in an airtight container. When it's time to serve, put the pats on a plate or, if you know your guests are going to butter their meat anyway, directly onto a sizzling steak.

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