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The Kitchn: Something savory to start the day off right

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I have told you that brunch is my favorite meal of the day, and winter is perhaps the high point for brunch. But while I am looking forward to these sleepy morning meals, I have to admit that many brunch recipes are too sweet for me. If a sweet monkey bread with a gooey glaze showed up, it ...Read more

The Kitchn: Skillet version of shepherd's pie cooks up quick

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You likely know shepherd's pie as a homey, comforting casserole -- one that combines a flavorful stew of ground beef, peas, carrots (and sometimes corn) with mountains of creamy mashed potatoes. This skillet version has all those classic components, but takes less than an hour to make and ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Food facts and myths

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Environmental Nutrition

I'm sure you've read something like this: "Eat this food, not that food ... more of this, less of that ... eat your food in this particular order, at this time of day and on this day of the week ..." It's a confusing and exhausting set of mixed messages. All the ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Lighten up with toasted granola in the new year

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Granola came into vogue during the health-food movement of the '60s, quietly retreated, and in the past few years has become popular again.

Today you will find upscale bakeries and restaurants that sell personalized versions of granola, each with their own mix of nuts, fruits and grains. They are often pricey and, frankly, not as good as making...Read more

EatingWell: Enjoy a healthy dose of comfort food

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This healthy baked ziti recipe doesn't require any chopping and is made on the stovetop, so it is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner. Using whole-wheat pasta adds fiber; opt for penne if whole-wheat ziti is hard to find.

Sausage & Peppers Baked Ziti

Serves 4

Active Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

8 ounces whole-wheat penne or ziti ...Read more

Souped up: This easy, breezy dish won't disappoint

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I love this soup year-round. It's hearty and tasty, easy to make, and goes so well with avocado toast! It's loaded with chunky vegetables, stewed until tender, and finished with lime and cilantro to freshen it up. Once you have the spices in your cupboard, it's a low-cost, plant-based meal...Read more

The Kitchn: Crispy potatoes go with everything

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My meal plans are rooted in simple weeknight dinners that come together as quickly as possible, so it should come as no surprise that my side dish preferences follow suit. That's just part of the reason these roasted potatoes are currently on repeat. It's also because they go with everything...Read more

The Kitchn: Slow cooker soup lasts all week long, if you don't eat it all the first day

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Pasta e fagioli translates to "pasta and beans," but that doesn't even begin to describe all the flavorful elements of this humble, comforting dish. Tender pinto beans cook all day, resulting in a rich and creamy broth, and vibrant tomatoes, pancetta and herbs are added to round out the ...Read more

Today's Special: Aioli, a spicy garlic and olive oil sauce, perfectly paired with fish, chicken and vegetables

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Aioli (ahy-oh-lee) is a beautiful, spicy garlic and olive oil sauce that is a specialty of Provence, where it is typically paired with seafood platters, fried or grilled fish and chicken, and roasted or boiled vegetables.

With its creamy texture and intense garlic flavor, it turns a simple meal into an impressive one. It is a staple in my ...Read more

Bitter bakers say holiday cookies are crumbling because of Hershey's 'sloppy Kisses'

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Bakers carrying spatulas have stormed social media to complain that the Hershey's Kisses they bought this holiday season are missing those iconic pointy tips.

Kitchen denizens are hotter than an oven set at 350 degrees, sobbing about ruined Christmas cookies.


Test Kitchen recipe: Easy breakfast casseroles are big time-savers

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Q: What's the best way to make a breakfast casseroles?

A: Breakfast casserole dishes, also called stratas, are culinary wonders, especially around the holidays. They're layered with ingredients, require little prep work and are time savers. They are also a set-it-and-forget-it type of dish.

Most feed a lot of people, so they're perfect for ...Read more

Kitchen Curious: Crack open New Year's Eve fun with homemade fortune cookies

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Everyone wants to know their fortune. So why not have some fun by playing the messenger?

If you're looking for a creative food contribution for a New Year's fete, these fortune cookies are the answer. These treats will be the talk of the party as guests crack open the cookie to read their lot in life.

There are a few tricks to getting these ...Read more

These 'high society' cocktails cost $100 each. Is there gold in that glass?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Would you drop $100 bucks for a single drink?

The Bank, a sleek new 30,000-square foot market hall in downtown Sacramento, is betting a Ben Franklin isn't too steep for the connoisseurs it's hoping to attract with a pair of "high society" tipples -- a martini and a Manhattan -- currently on the menu of the mezzanine bar.

...Read more

Column: How knowing what wines you hate can lead to wines you love

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Editor's note: Today we introduce a new column, "Modern Wine," by Food & Dining's Joseph Hernandez.

When I was starting my wine career, I worked at and eventually managed a wine shop in Brooklyn.

There I learned first and foremost how to communicate with customers of all levels of wine knowledge, in spite of my own tendency toward know-it-all-...Read more

Feature winter whites at the table, with cauliflower dressed with garlic, anchovies

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Diner en Blanc -- dinner in white -- is an enchanting idea. Guests, dressed in their finest whites, learn last-minute the unlikely location of their meal -- say, outside Lincoln Center. Exhibiting, in the words of the international organization, "decorum, elegance, and etiquette," they stage a posh picnic.

I'm all for unlikely, for elegance, ...Read more

Best Bites: Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars

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The clever folks at Trader Joe's have released a seasonal dessert that is utterly addictive. Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars are tiny (13 to a 1-ounce serving) chocolate shortbread cookies coated in minty chocolate land dotted with nonpareils. They resemble Girl Scout Thin Mints, but their star shape and small size mean they have a higher mint-...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: The caveman cometh

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Environmental Nutrition

Since the first paleo diet book hit store shelves nearly two decades ago, this eating plan has skyrocketed in popularity. On paper, the paleo diet, (aka the "caveman" or "stone age" diet) encourages consumption of foods that would have been hunted or gathered by our ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Last-minute holiday gifts for your favorite cooks

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Let's face it. Holiday shopping can be a tedious, exhausting experience. I've done some digging and found some great items in every price range for the cook or wine lover on your list. You can order from your bed and have that extra cup of coffee for a truly stress free experience. Look no further than,...Read more

EatingWell: A party on a plate

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Roasted beets, sweet dates, tangy oranges and juicy pomegranate seeds make this quinoa salad recipe festive. It pairs beautifully with turkey or roast pork.

Quinoa Salad with Oranges, Beets & Pomegranate

Serves 8

Active Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

3 medium beets (about 1 1/4 pounds)

2 cups vegetable broth

1 1/2...Read more


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