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Sheet-pan roasted chicken a lesson in kitchen economy, good eating

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I cook for others all week long -- on the job and then at home. On Sundays, I cook what I want to eat. I crave simple food, so my day doesn't center on the kitchen. I choose (mostly) ordinary ingredients that don't break the bank or require multiple store visits, but still deliver value and comfort. Ever the planner, I prepare enough food at ...Read more

Duck in butter and wine sauce: Sounds fancy, but it's super easy

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The duck, noting chill air and dusky sky, takes off. In arrow-sharp formation, his squadron flaps out many a message: Winter's coming. Who needs Waze? Take that, chickens!

Surely the fellowship of poultry must be strained by the skill-set divide. Ducks and geese and pheasants and pigeons fly. Chickens don't.

The chef remains unmoved by such ...Read more

How to roast chicken under a brick — a Tuscan specialty

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The aspiring looters among you no doubt keep some extra bricks lying around the house, just in case. Well, blow the dust off those dusky red window smashers, for today we give them new life as poultry flatteners while we explore chicken under a brick.


Precious few dishes contain prepositions. Sure, there's pheasant ...Read more

Which cooking tips did I pick up in Italy?

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On a two-week vacation in Florence, Rome and the Ligurian coast region of small villages called the Cinque Terre (home of pesto, focaccia and fresh sardines), I managed to learn a thing or two. Even better: I learned new tips for cooking tips I already knew.

For example:

1. Better pasta water. If you read much about cooking pasta, you already ...Read more

'Sioux Chef' serves up indigenous foods: 'It's what paleo wants to be'

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What's a quintessential Native American dish?

Sean Sherman offers a gentle laugh when he hears that question.

"That's like asking someone for a typical European meal," he said. "The assumption is that all those people are the same."

Sherman recites the numbers to prove his point: 567 tribes in the United States and another 634 in Canada. ...Read more

Test Kitchen tips for cooking a whole turkey

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A whole turkey is probably the biggest thing most of us will ever cook.

Here are answers to the questions that pop up every year when tackling that Thanksgiving feast:

Q: What size turkey should I buy?

A: Tally the number of guests and figure about 1 pound of turkey per person or 11/2 pounds if you want leftovers. A 15-pound turkey should be ...Read more

The best wishbone hacks to help you win Thanksgiving

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Some people have all the luck.

Every year they break off the longest piece of the Thanksgiving wishbone.

If you're a perennial loser at the wishbone game, take heart. Your luck is about to change with these simple wishbone hacks -- some of them from folks with engineering degrees.

First: If you're trying to break that thing apart right after ...Read more

This pricey beer is illegal in 12 states.

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A popular American company is once again releasing what it calls "the craft beer community's most renowned and sought-after extreme barrel-aged beer."

Samuel Adams is bringing back Utopias, which is a blend of two-row pale, Munich and caramel 60 malts, then three types of German noble hops and yeasts are added to make a drink that has a 28 ...Read more

You can cook risotto in a pressure cooker, but should you?

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You can fuss up risotto with flavor-packed meats or pristine seafood, but it's important to note that the dish consists mostly of rice and stock. While everyday ingredients, these two need a little coaxing before they transform into the comforting Italian dish. Just tossing rice and stock in a pot, and leaving them to cook, will result in some ...Read more

Dynamic wines for a dynamic chicken salad lunch

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Curry is complex, and any wine meant to stand up to it has to be dynamic in its own right -- especially in an instance like this, where spice and sweetness come together. Here are three bottles up to the task: a white from Greece, a white from France and an "orange" from Italy.



Place 5 cups shredded cooked ...Read more

Going buffet-style for Thanksgiving? Here are the rules

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PITTSBURGH -- If you're opting for a buffet-style meal this Thanksgiving, be it formal or casual, there are rules to keep in mind when setting up the table. Chuck Kerber, executive chef at Allegheny HYP Club, says the turkey, sides and desserts should be arranged in a particular order so that feasters don't hold up the line while piling their ...Read more

Leftovers: Turkey Tamale Pie

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Whether or not to get up before the crack of dawn to go shopping isn't the only question to be answered on Black Friday. If you overcooked like most Americans, you'll also be wondering what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers.

There's turkey sandwiches, of course. But admit it -- that's boring. Why not shake things up this year and opt ...Read more

Today's Special: This spice adds zest to Middle Eastern cooking — and almost anything

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Michael Solomonov writes, "Here in the U.S. tabbouleh is generally made with bulgur wheat, parsley, lemon juice, and chopped tomatoes. But in Israel it is very unlikely that you will find it made the same way in two different kitchens. Kale has the same advantage as parsley (it doesn't wilt from the acid in lemon juice, so you can prepare the ...Read more

Time for a quick quiche

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Want to ruin a good thing? Just write a best-selling book strongly implying that people who eat it are unmanly.

Quiche was widely enjoyed in America in the 1970s, until Bruce Feirstein wrecked it for everyone when he wrote the best-selling book "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche."

It was a great title, but it had a profound effect. Quiche sales ...Read more

The apple taste test

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My colleague Tan Vinh, my editor Paige Collins and I tried a new apple variety recently: the SweeTango. Aside from having an annoying name (please, everybody, stop with the capital letters in the middle of words), it was very, very tart. If Honeycrisp is the Starburst of apples, SweeTango seems engineered for the Sour Patch Kids crowd, with a ...Read more

Best Bites: Better Bean Cuban Black Beans

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Vegans can struggle with getting something on the table quick or grabbing a quick, protein-rich snack. That's why I love the super-flavorful Cuban Black Beans from the Better Bean Co. They are refrigerated, BPA-free and have 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving (with three servings per container). Add a little rice and cilantro (...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Exploring grass-fed dairy; choline supplements

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Environmental Nutrition

Q: Are grass-fed dairy products a good choice?

A: Dairy products labeled as "grassfed" market their products as coming from cows exclusively fed grass instead of the grain rations that conventionally-raised cows typically consume. But what does this term really mean? ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Thanksgiving countdown for stress-free entertaining

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For some cooks, pulling off a Thanksgiving meal can be a daunting task and feel like the furthest thing from a seriously simple meal. But recognizing that it is important to keep traditions alive, I've spent years perfecting my lists and advance preparations for this all-important meal. For example, I traditionally spend the day ...Read more

EatingWell: Healthy swaps for steak frites recipe

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Steak frites is a French bistro staple. Here we swap roasted sweet potatoes for the fried spuds and make a yogurt-blue cheese sauce instead of compound butter to lighten things up.

Montreal-Style Hanger Steak & Sweet Potato Frites

Serves 4

Serving Size: 3 oz. steak, 1 cup fries & 1 Tbsp. sauce

Active Time: 35 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes ...Read more


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