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From teen immigrant to vintner, Rolando Herrera has bottled his dream

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NAPA, Calif. -- Rolando Herrera runs Mi Sueno Winery in Napa Valley, which annually produces about 8,000 to 10,000 cases of premium estate Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petit Verdot and a specialty blend. The family-run operation, Spanish for "My Dream," has 16 full-time employees and 40 acres of vineyards -- with ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: A new take on yogurt

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Environmental Nutrition

Yogurt has gone from a natural foods niche to a staple in the refrigerators of most Americans. A few years ago we were introduced to Greek yogurt, in which the watery whey is removed by straining, leaving a creamier, thicker yogurt with higher protein and lower sugar ...Read more

Seriously Simple: An Indian twist on avocado and tomato salad

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When faced with her husband having Type 2 diabetes, and her own struggles with weight, Deepa Thomas discovered that by cutting back on rice and bread and other carbohydrates she was able to help her husband and herself lose weight and feel great. She reinvented her take on classic Indian cooking by avoiding carbs but keeping the vivid flavors ...Read more

EatingWell: Make this veggie dinner your own

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This healthy, grilled vegetarian dinner recipe is super-flexible. Simply substitute any fresh vegetables you have on hand.

Grilled Polenta and Vegetables with Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette

Serves 4

Serving Size: 1 1/2 cups vegetable salad & 2 polenta rounds

Active Time: 35 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

6 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, ...Read more

The Kitchn: How to make a better burger

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I used to cook portobello mushroom burgers all the time, but that went out the door as soon as I met my now-fiance. The thought of a "burger" that was not a burger at all did not exactly appeal to him.

This recipe changed all that. He gobbled his mushroom burger up and asked if we could ...Read more

Crazy for Caprese! Classic Italian sandwich is bursting with flavor

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There's a reason why you'll find a Caprese panino at every autogrill in Italy. This classic combination of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, pesto and crusty ciabatta bread is undeniably delicious, especially during the summer months when tomatoes are at the height of their season.

Finding the perfect tomato, slowly ripened in the sun, is a beautiful...Read more

Dress up mealtime with DIY flavored butters

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There on the table were four scoops of flavor, each more alluring than the last, along with slices of a baguette.

Where to begin, when the options are salted maple, blueberry basil, raspberry with pickled rhubarb, and chocolate?

On another day, I would have been fooled into thinking these were treats from the freezer. But not today, as I sat ...Read more

Fire up the grill for a Caesar salad

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Can you grill a leaf?

Well, that depends on the leaf. Most will wilt or burn within moments.

But a whole head of leaves, such as romaine? Absolutely.

Add a homemade mustard-anchovy dressing, with plenty of umami depth of flavor, and you've got a grilled -- but juicy -- Caesar salad in the making, with enough smoke to make you notice.

Best of...Read more

Best Bites: Blue Bunny Mint Cookie Crunch

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Mint, chocolate and ice cream are three ingredients that are the best of friends. The good people at Blue Bunny have taken this idea and added a slightly novel twist -- chocolate-covered mint cookies. Basically Thin Mints, but not officially Thin Mints because they are not made for the Girl Scouts. But you get the idea, and the cookies' crunch ...Read more

Get to know Australian wines (beyond cute critter labels)

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Just about all of the words in our native tongue sound deliciously mysterious and foreign when they are spoken by an inhabitant of that faraway land known as Australia, but some of their wine words have a rhythm all their own, no matter who says them: Barossa, Coonawarra, shiraz and stickies.

Recent statistics list Australia as the sixth most ...Read more

Stuck without a dessert? Strawberry fool to the rescue

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Bananas are berries. This dire news comes direct from the internet, at the far end of a night of berry-soaked revelry. For those college students following along, please note that we do not condone the use of the internet as a primary research tool. Nor do we condone overindulgence in berry-soaked revelry.

Nonetheless, this fact has no ...Read more

Vegetarian dishes leave you wanting more? Beer is the flavor you're missing

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Vegetarian food gets a bum rap.

Even as vegetable-centric restaurants have shone a new light on cooking without meat or seafood at the center of a dish, too often vegetarian home cooking gets reduced to drab faux meats or boring veggie burgers.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Vegetarian foods can be protein-rich and tasty. They can even be...Read more

Cool off with ice pops on a hot summer day

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It's July, and you know what that means. Hot, sunny days that morph into muggy nights.

Even after a dip in the pool or a run through the sprinkler, you and your kids are probably hot. You need something cold and tasty to cool off.

We have the answer: homemade ice pops.

Simple enough for even the youngest cooks to lend a hand, these frozen ...Read more

How to pair gazpacho with summer wines

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The dog days of summer are upon us, and what better way to beat the heat than a simple, chilled soup? When pairing, opt for wines that bring zip and zest -- this trio will do just fine.



Cucumber and basil gazpacho

Peel and chop 3 medium seedless cucumbers. Combine in a bowl with 2 ribs celery, chopped; 1 yellow bell ...Read more

Lime, sugar and rum: A true Brazilian caipirinha is a thing of beauty

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When it comes to even the simplest of cocktails, proper technique matters.

My husband, Otavio, and I were at a restaurant recently and there was a caipirinha on the craft cocktail menu. A native of Brazil, my husband asked what brand of cachaca they used (low-end but perfectly acceptable) and ordered one.

The drink arrived with two floating ...Read more

Coming to Minnesota saved Andrew Zimmern's life ... and helped launch his food empire

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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Strawberry the chicken squats precariously, unsure of her pale, domed perch.

Beneath her, Andrew Zimmern -- a slight smirk on his face as Strawberry's claws drag across his bald head -- appears perfectly at ease.

Glasses poised atop his nose, the internationally known multimedia star, chef and adopted son of Minnesota ...Read more

Trying to cut back on eating meat? You're a reducetarian

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- After giving up meat, Brian Kateman returned home to Staten Island, N.Y., for Thanksgiving dinner and under pressure from his family, he grabbed a piece of turkey.

"In that moment, my sister, as siblings will do, took the opportunity to call me out on it and said, 'I thought you were a vegetarian, Brian,'" Kateman recalled...Read more

Test Kitchen recipe: Pesto stuffed chicken is a summer favorite

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Having a variety of fresh herbs in pots on the deck is one of the coolest things about summer.

Fresh herbs make it so easy to add an herbaceous tone to any salad, side or main dish. Softer herbs like basil and tarragon are especially nice additions to salads and vinaigrettes. Herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme lend themselves to meats like ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Take a look at leeks

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Environmental Nutrition

Leeks (Allium porum) are part of the Allium family, along with onions, garlic, shallots, and scallions. In fact, they look like giant scallions -- small white bulbs and tall (about 12 inches), layered stalks, topped with green, flat, fanned leaves.

The folklore

...Read more

Seriously Simple: Crudite makes a beautiful edible centerpiece

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I've been making crudite platters for decades. Loosely translated, crudite means raw vegetables and a dip. And these arrangements of vegetable goodness never go out of style.

One of the most amazing crudite baskets I've enjoyed was at a restaurant called La Chaumiere on the top of the Grande Corniche overlooking Monaco. Giant baskets of myriad ...Read more


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