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The World's Most Expensive Rose Wine

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Gerard Bertrand, the man, fondly remembers his start in the wine business.

"Officially, it was 32 years ago," he says, "but actually, I started working with my father when I was 10, 44 years ago."

Gerard Bertrand, the brand, was the result of Bertrand's vision for the future of the Languedoc, the vast wine region that follows the contours of the Mediterranean in the south of France, from Provence to the border with Spain.

"I fell in love with the beauty of the south of France," said Bertrand, "and the potential."

Indeed, when Bertrand launched what is now an impressive empire, the future for wine in the Languedoc seemed bleak. The largest wine-producing region in the world, the Languedoc was infamous for cheap, lifeless wine made for the most part in the industrial cooperatives that dominated the wine business of the region.

What Bertrand saw, though, were beautiful vineyards with old vines planted in schist and limestone. The fruit from those vines generally got lost in the haste to produce quantity over quality. One of the first vineyards Bertrand bought when he set out to make great wine from the Languedoc was a site in Cabrieres that had once been cultivated by the Templars.

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This is where Gerard Bertrand produces Clos du Temple, an exquisite rose wine crafted from grenache, syrah, cinsault and the white grape viognier.

"The message of this wine is terroir," he says. It is the most expensive rose wine in the world, at $190 per bottle for the 2018 vintage. Only 200 cases have been designated for the U.S. market. It truly is a marvel, with precise fruit notes, bright acidity and a creamy texture.

It is certainly one of the finest rose wines I've ever tasted. While I'm not sure the world is ready for a $200 rose, history teaches us only a fool would doubt Gerard Bertrand, the visionary.

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