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Everything Old Is New Again

Once upon a time, in quaint wine villages throughout Europe, it was only natural that villagers consumed the local wine.

It was common for a family to stroll down to the neighborhood winery and stock up for a week or more by filling jugs and other containers with wine directly from a cask or tank. Modern conveniences, such as grocery stores ...Read more

Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

Gift-giving during the holiday season has many forms of expression, including the all-important stocking stuffer.

These are typically gifts that are relatively inexpensive but useful or clever. When it comes to stocking stuffers for the wine enthusiast in your life, two things come to mind: a pretty darn good bottle of cheap wine that can be ...Read more

Rethinking Beaujolais

ROMANECHE-THORINS, France -- Georges Duboeuf, now 83 years old, is old enough to remember when Beaujolais was the French wine of choice for many, if not most, American wine drinkers.

Light, fruity and absent of aggressive tannins, it was the perfect bistro wine. But the American wine scene has shifted substantially since Duboeuf began ...Read more

All-American Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving feast is as American as apple pie, and many traditionalists believe the wines should be, too.

That proposition might have presented a challenge at one time, but over the past few decades, the bounty of the American wine industry has erased any doubts that there is a delicious domestic wine for just about any occasion.

The ...Read more

Three Tips for Holiday Feasting

'Tis the season for holiday feasting. That typically means a up-close and personal experience with the fruits of the vine. What to serve and how to serve it are top of the mind.

As a service to our "Wine Talk" readers, I have devoted years of research to the subject, and I have a few ideas that might enhance the experience for you and your ...Read more

J. Lohr Introduces 'Signature' Cabernet

If there is any California vintner who deserves a monument to himself, Jerry Lohr would be at or near the top of the list of contenders.

Over more than four decades, J. Lohr, his namesake winery, has delivered exceptional wines at fairly modest prices to slake the growing thirst for California wine. The monument is another J. Lohr wine, of ...Read more

Five Obscure Gems

Even those with a mere casual interest in wine know the term "wine country" applies to Napa, California, Sonoma, California, parts of California's Central Coast, parts of Oregon and parts of Washington. Beyond those well-established viticultural boundaries, however, there is a blossoming culture of winemakers who are not content with the ...Read more

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