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Pulse Drinking: Montalto's cabernet blend is fabulously food friendly

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Barone Montalto's cabernet/Nero d'Avola blend is a bargain you can't refuse at $11.99! This wine, discovered at the Vaccaro's holiday wine show, stood out among the glasses. Nero d'Avola is the most important red grape grown in Sicily.

Montalto's blend is fabulously food friendly. I tasted it with DeVitis eggplant rollups and their famous ...Read more

Daniel Neman: Avocados and almonds aren't vegan … say what?

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Sometimes, it seems, rationality is perhaps not our fellow humans' strongest suit.

A couple of items brought that notion home recently.

A few months ago the vegan world was shaken when a BBC comedy quiz show called "QI" announced that avocados are not vegan. Neither are almonds, kiwi fruit, butternut squash and melons.

My initial reaction ...Read more

Today's Special: Star anise adds enticing, enhancing spicy-sweet flavor

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From the look of it, you might think star anise belongs in a potpourri bowl and not a soup bowl.

But you would be wrong. Star anise has a licorice-like aroma and an enticing warm, spicy-sweet flavor that enhances savory and sweet dishes -- from Vietnamese pho and Chinese barbecue pork to poached pears and pineapple upside-down cake.

You've ...Read more

Start your day with a healthy indulgence

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Many health-conscious people try to avoid eating egg yolks because of their high fat and cholesterol content. While there is some debate over whether or not you need to eliminate yolks entirely, I understand the need some people feel to eat only egg whites at breakfast.

Like most things in life, however, it is possible to find a middle ground. ...Read more

Need a new vegetarian recipe? Try rustic lentils on couscous

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Looking for a new vegetarian recipe this January? Add this lentils dish to your recipe rotation.

Tip: Prepare couscous according to package directions. If desired, substitute hot, cooked brown rice or quinoa for couscous.


Makes 4 to 6 servings (Total yield of lentil and vegetables is about 6 cups)

2 tablespoons ...Read more

Test Kitchen recipe: Looking to cut your food bill? Think coupons, cooking at home and soup

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Pocketbooks feeling the pinch are looking at ways to save money, and cooking at home is one of the most effective. It's also something trend spotters say is gaining popularity, especially with millennials.

Coupons are another great money-saver. I clip them from inserts found in the Sunday newspaper and anywhere else I come across them. Grocery ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Bring on the spice

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Environmental Nutrition

We all know the importance of herbs and spices for enhancing the flavors in our foods, but do you know how herbs and spices can enhance your health as well? They have been used for centuries for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Herbs like basil, oregano and ...Read more

The Kitchn: No-knead focaccia is an easy way to step up your breakfast game

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I like to think of this playful recipe as the best way to serve bacon, eggs and toast to a crowd. The crispy, fluffy focaccia combines everyone's favorite breakfast trifecta into one, so that all that's left to do is grab some plates and pour the coffee.

If you're new to bread-making, this ...Read more

The Kitchn: No-knead focaccia is an easy way to step up your breakfast game

Recipes / Variety Menu /

I like to think of this playful recipe as the best way to serve bacon, eggs and toast to a crowd. The crispy, fluffy focaccia combines everyone's favorite breakfast trifecta into one, so that all that's left to do is grab some plates and pour the coffee.

If you're new to bread-making, this ...Read more

Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters

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P Is for Party

I was reading a design magazine recently and saw a party planning feature. The woman was talking about how you don’t need to know how to cook (even a lick), but you can still have a cocktail party.

She said all you need are the 3 Ps.

Parmesan, potato chips and prosecco.

That’s it.

Her idea was that you go out and ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Fight diabetes with plants

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Environmental Nutrition

What's the picture-perfect diet to both fend off and treat Type 2 diabetes? Well, the latest science paints a portrait of a diet lush with plants in every color, texture and category, including a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, crunchy whole grains, earthy beans, and...Read more

Seriously Simple: Sweeten up your Valentine's Day meal

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The first time I ever tasted this classic, upside-down apple tart, glistening with dark brown liquid caramel and sitting on a crispy puff pastry crust, I was smitten. It didn't hurt that I had my first slice in a famous Paris pastry shop.

Tarte Tatin is my pick for sweetening up your Valentine's Day meal. The story goes that two ...Read more

EatingWell: Cakes cute enough for Cupid

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These mini cheesecakes aren't just adorable, baked in a muffin tin. They're quicker to make than traditional cheesecake and perfectly portioned.

Mini New York Cheesecakes

Serves 12

Active Time: 35 minutes

Total Time: 1 1/2 hours (including 1 hour cooling time)

For the crust:

2/3 cup graham cracker crumbs

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons ...Read more

Basic hummus is simple to make and easily customizable

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This basic hummus recipe (pronounced HOOM-uhs) is a breeze to make, especially with an immersion blender. It's made with only a handful of ingredients, most of which you probably have on hand. It's smooth and creamy, and it can be adjusted to suit any taste. Having a container of hummus in...Read more

Black bean soup, shrimp is a whole meal in a bowl

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Hearty black bean soup becomes a welcoming dinner. With the addition of shrimp and rice, it's a whole meal in a bowl. Best of all it takes only 20 minutes start to finish. Soups are great family fare, but usually take too long to make for a midweek meal. This quick one fits the bill.

Black beans are becoming popular as we discover that they ...Read more

A perfect way to brighten you winter dinner

Recipes / Wolfgang Puck /

If you're at all familiar with me, you've probably seen or heard me say that before we ever even put food in our mouths, we eat with our eyes. Beautiful food excites the appetite, building happy anticipation for the wonderful tastes and textures soon to come.

Making delicious food with visual appeal becomes even more important during the ...Read more

Domestic Wine of the Year

Once upon a time, California winemakers were wary of merlot, despite its undeniable success on the Bordeaux Right Bank. Forty years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find a bottle of 100 percent merlot made anywhere in the United States.

Louis Martini made a merlot but typically blended it with other grapes. There may have been a ...Read more

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

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My 7 Reasons to Resolve to Eat Low Carb in 2019

This is why I recommend you resolve to low carb it in 2019:

1. It lowers your cholesterol. Since 2002 over 20 human studies have been done that prove low carb eaters lose more weight and that it actually leads to improved cholesterol results. Has your doctor been barking at you to get your...Read more

Mac 'n' cheese chicken pie makes a hearty dinner

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Looking for a warm and welcoming winter meal? This Mac Cheese and Chicken pie will fit the bill. It's an updated version of one of America's favorite meals.

A bubbly, cheesy homemade pie can take too long to make for a busy weeknight. Using frozen chopped onions and green pepper along with cooked chicken slices, you can make this meal in 20 ...Read more

Send winter's cold packing with a hearty, heartwarming soup

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In the middle of winter, my mind and appetite often turn toward soup. A hearty bowlful feels warming and sustaining from the moment you see and smell it until long after it fills your stomach. And a big pot of soup simmering on the stove promises everyone in your home that delicious, satisfying food is on the way and guaranteed to put an end to ...Read more


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