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Seriously Simple: Quick vegetable pickles make a perfect sidekick to many dishes

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"Tartine All Day" (Lorena Jones Books, 2017) is a book made for the home cook. Penned by a professional chef, Elisabeth Prueitt, her latest book is chock-full of recipes that are easy to cook, even if you are not a serious home cook. She has lots of quick side dishes such as preserved lemons, five-day sauerkraut and the following quick vegetable...Read more

EatingWell: Two of a kind

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In this healthy bruschetta recipe, the big, bold, salty, tangy flavor of blue cheese makes an unexpected but utterly delicious match with sweet, juicy strawberries. This bruschetta recipe makes a quick, easy appetizer and is so pretty topped with chopped green chives.

Strawberry & Blue Cheese Bruschetta

Servings: 12

Serving Size: 1 piece

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The Kitchn: Retro pineapple upside-down cake is so easy

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It is hard to overstate how simple yet stunning pineapple upside-down cake is. This cake has retro charm, but it's a classic whose appeal hasn't waned since it first appeared on the home baking scene. It starts with a rich butter cake that, once removed from the pan, reveals a design of ...Read more

The Kitchn: Yes, you can make a whole chicken in the slow cooker!

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The slow cooker strikes again! With minimal work and just one ingredient (psst ... it's chicken) this recipe delivers the most delicious payoff imaginable: meat so tender and juicy it practically falls right off the bone. And it's all thanks to the small, closed environment of the slow ...Read more

Cocoa-Fruit Superfood Smoothie

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My Good Friend

Tick. Tick. Tick.

My best friend, Tom, called the other day.

β€œHey, Buddy, I had a heart attack,” he said. Not the opening I expected.

On Monday, March 19, 2018, Tom had quadruple bypass surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. He turned 68 on March 7th and two weeks later he was in the emergency room.

It gives one pause.

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Smoothing Over Objections to Beans

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I placed the smallest one from my stacking mixing bowl set next to my healthy instant cup of tortilla soup. It was called that, even though black beans were the first listed ingredient, brown rice the second and tortillas the last -- even behind spices. I strategically positioned the tiny bowl, which fits about 2 tablespoons of food, so that I...Read more

Not everyone's a fan of wine scores, but there's a way to use them

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You have seen the little tags hanging from shelves in wine shops. They're often hand-drawn, in permanent marker, and sometimes they're bright, with a large, two-digit number and the name of a publication prominently displayed inside a jagged kind of exploding star. There might be multiple exclamation points, or several underlines, and that ...Read more

Odes to lunchmeat, from chicken roll to finocchiona

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Lunchmeat must've been how my food adventures began. Childhood breakfasts were poured from boxes, with dinners forged in my working mom's wok, but lunch brought a certain kind of freedom. At its heart were layers of thinly sliced mysteries.

As latchkey kids with no lunchroom at school, much less a lunch lady, we kids walked home to eat. Living ...Read more

Daniel Neman: Can-to-table is the trend that isn't

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The can-to-table trend, I am happy to report, appears to have been considerably overstated.

If you have not heard of it, or even if you have, the can-to-table movement is a trend in which restaurants bring you a can of food to your seat and open it for you. Then you eat it.

It was said to be the next big thing, or even the next small thing. At...Read more

Snacks will make your trivia night a winner

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You're all ready for trivia night. You know who won the Battle of Waterloo (the Duke of Wellington). You know the tallest building in the United States (One World Trade Center). You know how many sentences there are in the Gettysburg Address (10).

But you don't know what food to bring.

Trivia is only part of the fun of trivia night. The other ...Read more

Should servers share their tips? These restaurant owners think so

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FRESNO, Calif. -- A group of Fresno restaurant owners support the creation of tip pools that would let cooks and dishwashers get a share of the extra money customers give to servers.

Until a recent change in federal law, servers and bartenders only could share their tips informally with kitchen workers. In some cases, they were directly ...Read more

Hillel Echo-Hawk is used to questions. Birch Basket answers with indigenous-based, pre-colonization foods

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SEATTLE -- Hillel Echo-Hawk wants to answer your questions, no matter what they might be -- and she's gotten some dumbfounding ones. She's the force behind Birch Basket, a Seattle private-chef and catering company focused on indigenous-based, pre-colonization foods.

A chef and an educator, Echo-Hawk possesses the gift of patience. She speaks of...Read more

Best Bets: Sunora Cream de Bacanora

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Even if you don't like tequila (say, for the sake of argument, you consumed far too much of the cheap stuff in your youth when you lived in Texas), you might get a kick out of Sunora Cream de Bacanora. It's a cream liqueur made from agave, with a light smokiness that appealingly makes its way through the rich flavor of cream. It's distributed ...Read more

Heart-shaped dessert coeur a la creme a balm to the melancholy

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The student begins his studies with the life cycle, as expressed in the tadpole. Using observational technique, field notebook and pencil, he draws a dot, and, in shorthand common to the kindergarten cohort, records: "It is vre tine." It is very tiny. Subsequent entries document the development of nostrils, tail, eyes and legs -- poised to leap....Read more

Avocado, roast beef wrap perfect

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Make this quick and easy dinner or make it for anytime. Avocado and roast beef wrapped in a flour tortilla create a simple dinner. No need to turn on the stove for this wrap and salad.

The secret to a good wrap is to moisten the tortilla with a spread or oil. For this recipe, I sprayed the tortillas with olive oil spray. The spray adds flavor ...Read more

Toss up: Revamp one of my classic main-dish salads for an even healthier meal

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"I think I'd like a salad for lunch." That's something I've heard from so many guests in my restaurants ever since I started cooking in Los Angeles back in the mid-1970s. The request reflected the belief that if you sat down to a big plate or bowl filled mostly with fresh greens, you were eating healthfully.

Of course, today most of us know it'...Read more

Masso Antico Primitivo has Phil Masturzo dancing in the aisles

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A few sips of Masso Antico Primitivo and I'm dancing in the aisles, giggling like a schoolboy. I like to say that primitivo is the Italian version of what we know as zinfandel. Actually, primitivo and zinfandel are both clones of a Croatian grape called Crljenak. That's enough of that mumbo jumbo. At $12.99, you can't pass up buying a six-pack ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Surprise your mom with apple clafoutis for brunch

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Each Mother's Day I try to look for a dish that will make Mom feel special. I've made more egg dishes than I can count, along with coffee cakes, scones and muffins that have delighted Mom each year. This year I thought I would shake it up with a traditional peasant dessert from the Limousin region of France. I've served it usually...Read more

Ordering a Wine First

I'm what I call a reverse diner. While most everyone else sizes up a restaurant menu upon being seated, I ask for the wine list first. Once I've decided which wine is calling my name, I take a peek at the menu and build a meal around the wine.

This is especially useful when visiting a restaurant with exceptional wine offerings. I'm there for ...Read more

At 95, Mexican food expert Diana Kennedy is growing her own coffee and making her own tortillas

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MICHOACAN, Mexico -- To get to Diana Kennedy's house, outside Zitacuaro, Mexico, about 100 miles west of Mexico City, you go up a dirt road jutted with rocks, through two gates, past rock walls overhung with bougainvillea and blue plumbago, pink lilies and darting butterflies, and up a flight of stone steps to an outdoor patio that features two ...Read more