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5 Ugly Things I’ve Learned About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Right off the top, I have to admit I have no personal experience with gastric bypass surgery and I am not a medical professional. What you are going to read here are things I’ve learned in talking to people who have had weight loss surgery. They wanted to share with me some of their experiences. You’ll also see a few statistics.

I put my foot down in my own weight loss journey when gastric bypass surgery came into the market decades ago. At this point, there are several types of surgery all aimed at helping people lose weight. I am lumping them all into the category of bariatric surgery.

Over the years I tried every type of diet I thought might give me hope of losing weight and keeping it off. Some helped me get the weight off, but none helped me keep it off. When it came to bariatric surgery I was adamant that I was not going to do it unless the doctors told me death was imminent and I had no other options.

So I’ve never done it. Why?

First off because death is one of the listed side effects. They don’t emphasize that 1 out of every 1000 patients who undergo gastric bypass die within a year after the surgery. I don’t like those odds...


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