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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


I will try to speed up this very long story about my boat. After weeks and weeks of promises, I became very frustrated. Every time I called I got the same story…he was working on the boat and wanted to take it out in the water himself to make sure it ran correctly. That was all well and good but he never really got around to fixing it or taking it for a test float.

I had finally had enough. I was a novice in the boat ownership business (I had only taken the boat out once and had been towed back in) but even a novice knows when he is being taken for a ride…and not a boat ride.

I called the boat dude and told him I was coming to get my boat and a check for what I had spent to have the boat fixed up. I reminded him of what I did for a living other than being the Arcamax Chef (I am a lawyer) and that even though I didn’t understand boats, I could make his life miserable in court.

Lo and behold…my boat was suddenly ready!! Talk about a coincidence!! The timing was amazing….right when I threaten to get legal, the boat is fixed.

I went to pick up the boat and took it home. I didn’t get any gas because I was not going to be able to take it out for a couple of days. I was determined to get the freshest gas I could to make sure there were no problems with the boat this time.


I was back in business!!

God Bless America.





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