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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


I hooked the boat to the trailer, pulled it out of the water and took it home. As you can imagine, I was not too pleased with the maiden voyage. After four months of delay and $4,000.00 I was expecting something a little more fun than being towed back to the dock.

I called the boat guy when I got home. I tried to hide my anger until I figured out how he would react. He apologized and told me to bring it back so he could fix it.

That seemed reasonable enough so on the next Monday I took the boat back. He came out to meet me in the parking lot.

“So what did you do to it?” he asked.

“I didn’t do anything but try to start it and it would not run”, I replied, trying to keep my rising anger in check.

“Well, it ran fine here so you must have done something. Maybe you used old gas”, he opined. “I’ll clean it up and get it back in shape.”

I bit my tongue and told him thanks. I really wanted to go fishing in my boat and yelling at the boat guy probably wouldn’t make that happen any sooner.

I week later I called him about the boat. He told me he was working on it and he wanted to take it out himself once he had fixed it to make sure it ran. That sounded reasonable to me so I decided to give him another week.


I called him a week later. He told me he was still working on it. For a boat that had nothing wrong with it, it sure was taking a long time to fix. I asked him when it would be ready. He told me he would finish it in the next day or so and then he wanted to take it out in the water himself to test it. I gave him another week.

At this point in the story you might be thinking there is something wrong with your computer. It seems to be giving you the same lines again and again…like some sort of broken record.

You would be wrong to blame your computer for the repetitiveness of this story. This is really how my second boat repair experience went…like a broken record. A $4,000.00 broken record that is dry as a bone.

I was beginning to think I was not cut out to be a boat person…

God Bless America.





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