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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


I planned the big launch of my boat. A neighbor who lives on the water had offered to let me tie my boat up at his dock. I could walk from my house about 50 yards to the dock so this would work out perfect. There was only one slight glitch in the plan…I had get the boat in the water at the local launch facility in order to bring it around to my neighbor’s dock. This meant backing the trailer with the boat down the launch ramp and into the water.

Among my many short comings, backing a boat on a trailer ranks near the top of the list. To be honest, I don’t have much experience but you would still be hard pressed to find someone as inept at launching a boat as me. No matter how hard I try, the trailer always ends up sideways on the ramp and I have to pull forward and try again, and again, and again, etc.

To make matters worse, those public boat ramps are busy places. The guys and gals who know how to back up a trailer fly down the ramp, unhook the boat and are off having fun in no time. I am so bad that if the ramp is crowded, I will simply go home and wait for another time.

I had to pick a time when there wouldn’t be anyone else at the boat launch. I waited until a late on a weekday afternoon when all the boaters had already returned and left the dock. After all, I just needed to get it in the water and then I could drive it to my neighbor’s dock and not worry about the trailer for a while.

The afternoon was overcast and the ramp was free. I carefully backed the trailer down the ramp with no interference. As a result of the lack of pressure from there being any other boaters, I was able to get it down the ramp after only ten or twelve tries…a record for me.


I was going boating!!!

God Bless America.





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