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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


So the boatless summer drug on. June flew by without a boat. July 4th came and went without a boat ride. We were into August and I became increasingly frustrated.

Every time I called the boat guy he was working on my boat. He had estimated (and I had paid in advance) for 6 hours of boat work. By my estimate, he had been working on it for about 60 hours over almost three months. I just hoped he didn’t try and send me a revised bill for an additional $6,000.00.

I became increasingly hostile with the calls. “Can I at least come look at the boat to see how it is coming along?”, I asked.

“Oh it is in the work yard area where customers are not allowed. It is an insurance thing”, he lied.

All of my neighbors and friends who knew I had been given the boat were relentless in giving me “friendly” advice about the boat.

“Go down there and demand to see it”
“Tell him to email you a photo of the boat” (The boat guy doesn’t do email).
“Sue him”
Finally, I wore the boat guy down. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I am persistent and I began calling the boat guy every day for an update.

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What do you know? After about a week of daily calls, the boat was finished.

It was time to go pick up the boat.

God Bless America.




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