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I went home and told She Who Must Be Obeyed (my wife) about our big plans for Memorial Day weekend. She was skeptical. “How do you know it’s going to be ready by next weekend?” She asked.

Because the boat builder offered to have it ready by then. It’s not like I asked him if he could get it ready by then. He offered to have it ready…that makes it almost guaranteed. That’s why I paid for it in full.

“You paid for the boat in full?”, She said with that exasperated tone I have become so accustomed to over the years. Now there is no reason for him to get it finished. You should have told him you would pay for it when it was done. Then he would hurry up and get it done to get the money.”

I immediately saw the logic in She’s argument and the error in my ways. Like any man worth his chromosomes, however, I was never going to admit it to She.

“You are wrong”, I postured while the thin ice supporting my argument rapidly melted. “He offered to have it ready and I paid him for that. We now have a deal”.

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As Memorial Day approached, I waited for the boat man to call me and tell me to come get the boat. I hesitated to call him, of course. He was nice enough to offer to have it ready and I didn’t want to bother him. What if he was just getting ready to finish it and I interrupted him with my phone call.

The call would come any day…

God Bless America.




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