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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


Everything the “good cop” boat guy said I needed sounded correct. As he ticked off the items of equipment I said yes, yes, yes, etc.

Eventually, he got to the last item and sat there for a minute and thought about the list. I assumed he was making sure he didn’t leave out anything important. In retrospect, he was probably wracking his brain trying to think what else he could stick me with…how about a helipad…you never know, right?

He finally gave up thinking of new stuff to sell me and began adding up the damage. He added in time for labor and came up with the grand total of…$4,000.00!!! My free boat now cost me $4,000.00.

I was shocked but didn’t want to go back and start over with the list. It seemed like I needed everything he had sold me and I wanted to have a safe boat so I just took it like the boating rookie I was.

Then I asked him how long it would take to get it done. He mentioned that Memorial Day was the next weekend. “How would you like to have your boat back so you could use it over the long weekend?”, he asked. “If you go ahead and pay for it now, I can get all the parts ordered and delivered and get it done as soon as possible.”


I took out my check book and paid for the boat stuff in full….

God Bless America.




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