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I made a trip to the “boat store for people who can’t afford a boat”. What an amazing facility!! It is located on a three acre lot that is completely full of boats and motors in various stages of repair, disrepair, construction, de-construction and for sale. I have never seen so many different types and sizes of motors and boats in my life. It was like a combination junk yard and boat show. I walked around for a while taking it all in.

I finally went into the main building. Wow…it was just like the outside but it was chocked full of boat parts, oars, batteries, seats, coolers and more motors. The place was full of shelves from the floor to the ceiling with every type of boat part you could imagine.

The place was jumping also. The phone was ringing off the hook and everyone was running around like they were late for an appointment.

At first no one really noticed me. I spent some time looking at boat parts and motors and couldn’t believe the variety in that building. After a half hour or so I became concerned that I could stay there for days and never get to speak to anyone about my boat so I went up to the counter and hung around trying to make eye contact with someone.

Finally, one of the employees couldn’t ignore my staring anymore and asked if I needed help. I told him someone had given me a boat and I needed help getting it fitted out and finding a motor, etc., because I was new to the boat scene. I asked him if he thought this place could help me get the parts and equipment I needed.

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He looked around the shop at the mountain of boat parts and gave me that look that says, “What on Earth do you think we do here except help people fix up boats?” He told me to bring the boat by and let them look at it and suggest what I might need.

It seemed like I had found my boat yard…

God Bless America.




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