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Big Chefs Can Inspire Little Improvements to Your Meals

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White House correspondents recently noted how different President Donald Trump's Michelin-starred special menu at legendary chef Alain Ducasse's restaurant in the Eiffel Tower was than the "buckets of chicken, meatloaf and steak with ketchup" he "typically dines on," according to Eater's Whitney Filloon, whose publication's headline defined ...Read more

Let July Fourth Leftovers Live On

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July Fourth Leftovers can spark as many fireworks as those from Thanksgiving feasts. Sure, holiday turkey is tried and true as a leftover, but the creativity possible with less usual summer candidates -- like hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, fruit salad and All-American apple pie -- just might give you freedom from cooking the following ...Read more

Add Flavor to Health Studies

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It's exciting to read about the latest discoveries that link what we eat to our health. What is even more fortifying is to turn that knowledge into our own culinary masterpieces. For instance, cinnamon has been shown to positively affect blood sugar, peppermint to help curb appetite and ginger to relieve digestive problems.

Often, in the ...Read more

Fruitful Ideas for Fresh Syrups

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If you're drenching your breakfast foods in fruit syrup, chances are you may be loading up on refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup, losing out on fiber and ingesting a synthetic thickener.

A fresh, fast take, though, could become a gourmet way to eat a natural homemade treat. Using pure maple syrup as a base at about half the amount per ...Read more

Seasonal Store Flyers Can Help You Soar

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Is your junk mail pile filled with seasonal store circulars? Before tossing them out perhaps you should circle back over and take a closer look. Recently, I found them to a treasure trove of culinary tips and products to turn my grilling season from good to great. I won't be so quick to confine them to the trash pile in the future.

Because ...Read more

Let Waiters Help Punch Up Your Meal Prep at Home

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When eating out, you probably already ask your waiter for more water, coffee or napkins, but, if you direct that same inquisitiveness toward your meals, you just may find yourself with an inventory of easy new ideas.

Sometimes condiments or other dashes of flavor you love but don't recognize when eating a restaurant meal may be the key to ...Read more

Marketplaces Can Multiply Your Menus

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Where can you eat one of the best vegetable dishes you probably ever tasted surprisingly at the most acclaimed meat purveyor you have ever visited that is among an array of beautiful "bests" you will have munched on within steps of each other in an hour? I recently did it at Los Angeles' Grand Central Market, a downtown fixture since 1917, and...Read more

Superfoods Can Supercharge Your Recipes

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During the low-fat and low-carb diet trends, the way to make more of your recipes was often to make less. Cutting out ingredients was recommended, as well as trimming portions. Instead of deflating your dishes, though, superfoods can supercharge them. In addition to improving the nutrition profile of the meal, flavor can go way up as well.

...Read more


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