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Superfoods Can Supercharge Your Recipes

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During the low-fat and low-carb diet trends, the way to make more of your recipes was often to make less. Cutting out ingredients was recommended, as well as trimming portions. Instead of deflating your dishes, though, superfoods can supercharge them. In addition to improving the nutrition profile of the meal, flavor can go way up as well.

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Any Way You Choose, Ginger is a Good Way to Go

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Sometimes, even when you eat "healthy" food, it depends just how healthy you want to get. It also may depend on what products you have available or how much time or money you have to spend.

Ginger is a great example. The gold standard is fresh ginger and it's also the most expensive, especially if you choose organic in your supermarket as ...Read more

Families that Cook with Sticks Just May Stick Together

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Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar may have slayed vampires on her hit television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but now she's busy in the kitchen slaying foods her kids fear. Asparagus? No problem, she turns the cooked spears into mock French fries with a dipping sauce. Your child doesn't like antioxidant-rich super fruits? Fine, turn them ...Read more

Invite Seasonal Scents to Your Spring Table

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Spring is like a breath of fresh air. If you are a savvy entertainer, you can easily and economically multiply those seasonal scents many times over by inviting them to your spring table. Individual centerpieces and place settings are simple standouts.

I saw a sunny example recently that dazzled visually and scent-wise while costing nothing ...Read more

Give Yourself a Shot of Good Nutrition

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Even if you don't drink alcohol, perhaps you should add a few shot glasses to your cupboards. Those who drink shots at bars know the boosts involved. I prefer my shots, though, in the form of juices, herbs and other nutritional powerhouses.

Many fresh juice bars and coffeehouses appropriated the term in the last decade, offering shots of ...Read more

Valerie's Home Cooking Is the Real Thing

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I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with Valerie Bertinelli. As she cooks up a casual get-together every week on "Valerie's Home Cooking," her Food Network series, that's exactly what I feel like I am there for as I've watched every episode during the two seasons. Viewers are given the impression they are on a stool at her kitchen island, ...Read more

Let Seasoning Blends Beautify Your Meals

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I used to think seasoning blends were for amateurs, like the cheat sheets of the spice world. After all, wouldn't gourmets do their own spice selections, measurements and blending? I am glad I did follow that philosophy for years because now that I've been relying on the blends in my spice rack I realize just how convenient, tasty and ...Read more

A Tortilla Chip Tasting and Beverage Pairing Might Just Perk Up Your Weekend

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The tortilla chip aisle of the supermarket has never been more crowded. Whether it's using my favorite cheddar tortilla chips with flax seeds and quinoa, to a combination including black, green and Kalamata olives, to chili-lime, to roasted jalapeno, it might just be time for a tortilla chip tasting. Pair four varieties of chips with your ...Read more

Cellophane Noodles Are an Easy Sell

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Regardless of its name, I didn't see right through cellophane noodles. I had ordered it on and off from my favorite Chinese restaurants for years and had no idea that the thin, flexible transparent noodles were made from mung beans. It wasn't until a relative was eating gluten free that I decided to call and check on a take-out order I had ...Read more

Melt Your Way to Mouthwatering Sandwiches

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If you are in a place where the snow isn't melting yet outdoors, to take refuge from the cold, you might just want to get toasty and "melt" indoors. Patty melts aren't just longtime diner dishes, but can be easily dished up at home, as can many vibrant variations. Perfecting your melting is a fun and easy way to warm up this winter.

The Melt,...Read more

Make it a Red Velvet Valentine's Day

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The best way to your Valentine's heart, the saying goes, may be through his or her stomach. When the chosen food is red velvet cake, the result is even more assured. Chefs at San Francisco's longtime popular/now closed American Cupcake bakery and cafe went one step further in guaranteeing success: innovative uses that got worldwide media ...Read more

You Are the Chef in the Chef's Salad

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There is no reason you shouldn't be as proud of your chef's salads as Louis Diat, chef at the Ritz Carlton in New York City, was of his. Although, as Gourmet Magazine wrote at the end of the last century, no one ever had officially claimed to be the chef in the title of the popular American salad, Diat is usually the one closest associated ...Read more

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