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Valentine's Week Offers More Romance than a Single Night

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If intimacy is at the heart of any romantic Valentine's dinner, how is that achieved inside jam-packed restaurants? Everything from the parking spaces in the lot, to the barstools for a toast before the meal, to a window seat with a view may come down to a wait and a competition, not to mention the hurried table turnover and roar of the crowds...Read more

Consider Upping Condiments to Star Status

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"On the side" is a phrase custom-made for condiments. However, the bold flavors and quality ingredients in many such store-bought products mean they should star in meals rather than take supporting roles. Since ingredient prep isn't a factor, they provide savvy shortcuts.

First, make sure the selections meet your standards (my favorite ...Read more

New Year Horoscope? Even Happier Birthday Parties

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A new year means a calendar full of birthday celebrations. Birthstones have lots to do with birthdays, but not often with the celebrations themselves. A fun and tasty way to change that is by throwing a birthstone-themed party.

The good news, of course, is that since you know the birthday of the guest of honor, you have the key to researching...Read more

A New Year Can Mean Future Holiday Favorites

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January is the start of a new year, but what if it was also the beginning of new cooking adventures? Many of us spent months during the recent holiday season replicating generations' --old family favorites that we know are tried-and-true and much appreciated by family and friends. In fact, a lot of us recognize that we would have a virtual ...Read more

Here's to Healthy Holiday Hostess Gifts

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What if your indoor holiday tree, instead of the scent of inedible pine, had the aroma of delicious rosemary? In fact, rosemary, sage and thyme -- let alone a multitude of other flavorful sensations -- could be filling your holiday home and those of your friends and family if you give the presents of innovative produce gifts, instead of run-of...Read more

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