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Toast Thanksgiving with Toasty Appetizers

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Toasting Thanksgiving with toast just may be an easy and inventive way to kick off a memorable holiday meal. Crostini, the popular Italian appetizer of small-topped toasts, can be the foolproof inspiration for unique seasonal hors d'oeuvres.

Usually, Italian ingredients and seasonings crown the toast. However, as Thanksgiving celebrations ...Read more

Brighten Up a Season of Sniffles with Comfort Food

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For many, it's the season of sneezes and sniffles, which can greatly dim taste buds and appetite. As colds and flus tighten their grips and days slowly pass, even orange juice loses its zing due to the pesky clogs that are palate transformers.

I've found what brightens the mood and even motivates sticking to healing techniques -- like getting...Read more

Dress Up Greek Yogurt for Even More Flavor and Nutrition

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Greek yogurt invaded supermarkets. Chobani, which the Washington Post calls the best-known brand, saw its sales explode in its first five years from about $3 million to more than $1 billion in 2012, the newspaper reported.

There is good reason Greek yogurt is a fierce competitor when it comes to regular yogurt. It is creamier, akin to mousse,...Read more

Maple Syrup Makes for a Happy Autumn

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We're often asked to name our favorite food. I think that question is much tastier when answered seasonally. What, for instance, do you fall for most during fall. My top tempter continues to be maple syrup. Whether you tap it from your own tree or pick it up on a jaunt to the supermarket, pure maple syrup is pure gold. Luckily, it's so rich ...Read more

Mock Nachos May Fill You Up, Not Out

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Mock crab has plenty of takers who want to save money, but what if saving calories is your goal? Perhaps you could create your own mock-ups of favorite foods. I've done it with nachos, and such action can expand your culinary skills without expanding your waistline.

The key with any mock maneuver is to recreate the parts, even when the ...Read more

Apple Pies Are Ripe for Every Season

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Apple pie is so synonymous with autumn that many of us automatically eat it and get burned out well before winter. Eagerness for apples is the part of the timeline we're on now. One way to both stretch and satisfy that feeling is with innovative pies that mark the change of season from summer to fall.

Choice of ingredients, like accompanying ...Read more

Create a Coffeehouse Taste Test and Cost Challenge

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Sometimes ordering our favorite coffeehouse beverage is more habit than happiness. We can recite the intricate ins and outs of ingredients by heart without realizing that a better and less expensive alternative may be around the corner -- or in our own kitchen.

This realization hit me when a helpful barista advised how to order a similar ...Read more

Open-Faced Omelets Rival Sandwiches

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Folding closed an omelet means you might be missing out on sky-high fillings chockful of flavor and nutrients. Instead, think about your egg base like a tortilla below a tall tostada or like the foundation of famed French tartine open-faced sandwiches that resemble works of art.

You could use two eggs rather than the three or four that often ...Read more

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