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You Have School Lunches Covered -- But What About You?

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As a new school year begins, many parents become scholars on the subject of lunch. That often means studying school lunch menus to make sure their kids are being served wholesome, hot lunches.

What about you? Does your own busy schedule at home or at work mean you think homemade hot lunches are out of the question? Television commercials for ...Read more

Would You Get an 'A' for Weight Loss from Eating Avocados?

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It's not often you can whip up a homemade version of a medical study and, in this case, deliciously follow the basics of it as participants do. In fact, when food is being scrutinized by researchers, sometimes the cupboards are bare and supplements take its place, or nothing at all in the forms of placebos. Results may not be known for long ...Read more

Grilled Fruit Is a Great Fix for Summer Boredom

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As summer winds down, perhaps you've barbecued virtually every meat and vegetable imaginable. Expand your imagination to include fruit and you and your family or guests are in for tempting treats.

As in the grilled strawberry salad that follows, it can take just seconds to make your mark (grill marks that is, while accentuating both the ...Read more

Muffin Tins Minus the Muffins

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If you have been laying low on muffin making lately, home decor experts have lots of suggestions for those empty tins as dividers of goodies. Keep your jewelry separated, like rings, pins and earrings, or your office supplies, like paper clips and thumbtacks, or your mending items, like spools of threads and buttons.

However, maybe it's just ...Read more

Perfect Patties Stretch Out Summer

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If your attention span already has been stretched to the limit by all of the burgers you've grilled this summer, stretching your patties can be the perfect solution. Adding fillers to ground meat, such as breadcrumbs, oatmeal or white rice, is an old-fashioned trick to save money. Today's add-ins, though, not only are economical, but make ...Read more

Frozen Vegetables Are a Fresh Summer Idea

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Bursting with colorful fresh produce, if summer isn't the time to visit Farmers' Markets, when is? Unfortunately, it might be almost never if you are a busy person, whose schedule is already on overload. While it might be wonderful to have the time to utilize seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables from a farmers' market, your local supermarket ...Read more

Have a Hot-Weather Homemade Happy Hour

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Summer sipping during a hot-weather homemade happy hour is a no-brainer. Ice -- whole cubes or crushed -- is the name of the game, whether you are enjoying a tipsy cocktail with pals or a non-alcoholic concoction with your kids. Tasty tidbits, though, are another story.

Chips 'n' dip are de rigueur at patio parties, but traditional happy hour...Read more

Drinking Straws that Stand Out

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The vice president of digital media for a major broadcast company was quite progressive when it came to everything, whether it was in the workplace or for her diet. Yet even though she had a mini refrigerator in her office specifically for the fruitarian diet she was following, she couldn't help but chuckle every time she walked by my office ...Read more

Make a Delicious Date with a Palm Tree

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You are lucky if you have a date with a palm tree this summer, especially if it is a breakfast, lunch or dinner date. Often thought of as a lush way to shade yourself in a tropical locale, or possibly a lovely part of your own landscape it you live in a warm climate, everyone, fortunately, can draw comfort from parts of palms for delicious ...Read more

Downsize Your Super-sized Silverware If Your Own Size Has Gone Up

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In addition to specific dietary guidelines, for decades nutritionists also have had tricks up the sleeves of their lab coats. Some of the most repeated have been about plates, not only what foods in what proportions should be on them, but also the advice to try and fool yourself that you are eating more by using smaller plates.

Eating a ...Read more

Pastel Summer Fruit Bowls Are Succulent Serving Sets

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I recently saw a summer serving dish set online that I loved. The perfect pastels complemented each other, came in various sizes and were perfect for presenting a multitude of treats. The biggest delights were the edible bowls themselves.

The idea came to me not from a kitchenware site, but from a supermarket advertisement promoting a ...Read more

Cooking with Iced Tea Drenches Your Meals in Creativity

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If warmer weather is tempting you to reach for an iced tea, you will be one of many sipping a cold one. What if instead, though, you nibbled on your iced tea? When you make it an ingredient in your summer meals rather than just an accompaniment, you'll find yourself drenched in new ideas.

As with all meal preparation, quality is job number ...Read more

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