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Cellophane Noodles Are an Easy Sell

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Regardless of its name, I didn't see right through cellophane noodles. I had ordered it on and off from my favorite Chinese restaurants for years and had no idea that the thin, flexible transparent noodles were made from mung beans. It wasn't until a relative was eating gluten free that I decided to call and check on a take-out order I had ...Read more

Melt Your Way to Mouthwatering Sandwiches

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If you are in a place where the snow isn't melting yet outdoors, to take refuge from the cold, you might just want to get toasty and "melt" indoors. Patty melts aren't just longtime diner dishes, but can be easily dished up at home, as can many vibrant variations. Perfecting your melting is a fun and easy way to warm up this winter.

The Melt,...Read more

Make it a Red Velvet Valentine's Day

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The best way to your Valentine's heart, the saying goes, may be through his or her stomach. When the chosen food is red velvet cake, the result is even more assured. Chefs at San Francisco's longtime popular/now closed American Cupcake bakery and cafe went one step further in guaranteeing success: innovative uses that got worldwide media ...Read more

You Are the Chef in the Chef's Salad

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There is no reason you shouldn't be as proud of your chef's salads as Louis Diat, chef at the Ritz Carlton in New York City, was of his. Although, as Gourmet Magazine wrote at the end of the last century, no one ever had officially claimed to be the chef in the title of the popular American salad, Diat is usually the one closest associated ...Read more

Get to the Heart of the Matter Before Valentine's Day

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You can go straight to the heart well before Valentine's Day when it comes to preparing themed meals so healthy they can't but help show how much you care for both yourself and your loved ones. Hearts -- whether they are hearts of romaine, celery, artichoke hearts or hearts of palm -- are the most premium parts of the lovingly dubbed foods.

...Read more

A Restaurant Regret May Equal a Home Run at Home

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Recipe ideas come from lots more than just cookbooks or TV cooking shows. Sometimes my shot in the arm emerges from a less-than-stellar restaurant experience. Using the encounter as a comparison to a better one immediately improves my next culinary adventure.

Tacos with high-quality meats and seafood at our corner spot, for instance, provided...Read more

Copycat Recipes May Be Easier Than You Ever Dreamed

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Thai cuisine is my favorite, so much so that I once traveled the country reporting on the cooking I did with some masters. One of my favorite foods is the creamy, slightly spicy peanut sauce anyone who orders Thai takeout food will recognize as the condiment served with satay sticks and traditional Thai raw vegetable salad.

I've tried to ...Read more

Squash Cravings with Good-for-You Seasonal Foods

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Cold-weather dining often means cozy comfort foods that fill out our winter sweaters. Seasonal super foods, though, are the answer. They help with slimming down, squashing cravings (especially all the hearty varieties of winter squash) and tempting the taste buds.

Acorn squash, sugar pumpkin and sweet potatoes are excellent cooked as is, but ...Read more

The Scent of the Holidays

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I got my best holiday recipe this year from a garden designer. I was reading about California nursery co-owner Greg Salmeri and I translated his "best garden tip" into an indoor tip that I tested. Salmeri had told Better Homes & Gardens magazine that his best garden tip is: "Add fragrant plants, such as rosemary, scented geranium, sage and ...Read more

Substitution Savvy Extends Beyond Just Ingredients

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Recipes often give helpful options for ingredient substitutions or extensive variations. Savvy cooks can save time by looking for other changes that can be implemented.

Use your cooking knowledge to determine what steps can be altered without affecting a good final result. A vegetarian recipe I recently made inspired me. I had all of the ...Read more

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