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Spirals Are Now a Straight Line to Convenience Food

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Is your world spiraling out of control? Maybe it should be. Although that might sound hectic, in the culinary world, it's actually currently the opposite. Spiralizing your food just took some turns toward even the more convenient for quick "pasta" meals of everything from soups, salads, breakfasts and entrees.

For the last few years, the rage...Read more

Valentine's Week Offers More Romance than a Single Night

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If intimacy is at the heart of any romantic Valentine's dinner, how is that achieved inside jam-packed restaurants? Everything from the parking spaces in the lot, to the barstools for a toast before the meal, to a window seat with a view may come down to a wait and a competition, not to mention the hurried table turnover and roar of the crowds...Read more

Consider Upping Condiments to Star Status

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"On the side" is a phrase custom-made for condiments. However, the bold flavors and quality ingredients in many such store-bought products mean they should star in meals rather than take supporting roles. Since ingredient prep isn't a factor, they provide savvy shortcuts.

First, make sure the selections meet your standards (my favorite ...Read more

New Year Horoscope? Even Happier Birthday Parties

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A new year means a calendar full of birthday celebrations. Birthstones have lots to do with birthdays, but not often with the celebrations themselves. A fun and tasty way to change that is by throwing a birthstone-themed party.

The good news, of course, is that since you know the birthday of the guest of honor, you have the key to researching...Read more

A New Year Can Mean Future Holiday Favorites

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January is the start of a new year, but what if it was also the beginning of new cooking adventures? Many of us spent months during the recent holiday season replicating generations' --old family favorites that we know are tried-and-true and much appreciated by family and friends. In fact, a lot of us recognize that we would have a virtual ...Read more


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