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Apple Pies Are Ripe for Every Season

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Apple pie is so synonymous with autumn that many of us automatically eat it and get burned out well before winter. Eagerness for apples is the part of the timeline we're on now. One way to both stretch and satisfy that feeling is with innovative pies that mark the change of season from summer to fall.

Choice of ingredients, like accompanying ...Read more

Create a Coffeehouse Taste Test and Cost Challenge

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Sometimes ordering our favorite coffeehouse beverage is more habit than happiness. We can recite the intricate ins and outs of ingredients by heart without realizing that a better and less expensive alternative may be around the corner -- or in our own kitchen.

This realization hit me when a helpful barista advised how to order a similar ...Read more

Open-Faced Omelets Rival Sandwiches

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Folding closed an omelet means you might be missing out on sky-high fillings chockful of flavor and nutrients. Instead, think about your egg base like a tortilla below a tall tostada or like the foundation of famed French tartine open-faced sandwiches that resemble works of art.

You could use two eggs rather than the three or four that often ...Read more

Family Cooking Night That's Light on the Cooking

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Family night cooking adventures where everyone gets to flex and strengthen their culinary muscles don't have to involve sophisticated or time-consuming recipes. If you start with foundations that kids already crave, you are one step ahead when it comes to improving their kitchen skills.

For instance, if, instead of immediately teaching them ...Read more

Cool Kid Snacks for Hot Summer Days

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When children learn to prepare their own food it's a step toward life-long independence. A cool trick that's easy on the schedule and the wallet is teaching them how to create cold snacks on hot summer days. Good nutrition easily can be tucked into these fun treats as well. All ingredients are to taste.

Fun fare like this also proves food ...Read more

Round Out Road Meals with Healthful Touches

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Road trips are often a rite of passage in the summer. In fact, crowded highways have already broken records this season, according to national driving associations. That may mean pit stops along the way at one-of-a-kind grub joints. Such detours may perk up the taste buds, but leave your usually exceptional eating habits in a ditch along the ...Read more

Big Chefs Can Inspire Little Improvements to Your Meals

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White House correspondents recently noted how different President Donald Trump's Michelin-starred special menu at legendary chef Alain Ducasse's restaurant in the Eiffel Tower was than the "buckets of chicken, meatloaf and steak with ketchup" he "typically dines on," according to Eater's Whitney Filloon, whose publication's headline defined ...Read more

Let July Fourth Leftovers Live On

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July Fourth Leftovers can spark as many fireworks as those from Thanksgiving feasts. Sure, holiday turkey is tried and true as a leftover, but the creativity possible with less usual summer candidates -- like hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, fruit salad and All-American apple pie -- just might give you freedom from cooking the following ...Read more


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