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Let Salads Serve as Shortcuts

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Spring is salad season. Restaurant menus, online pages and cafe sidewalk chalkboards are often bursting with descriptions of conglomerations featuring seasonal bounties. Entree salads make their entry this time of year.

When you want to emulate at home, whether traditional treats, like a chef or Cobb salad, or a one-of-a-kind spring special, ...Read more

Pea Protein Is Muscling Its Way Into Meals

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Fresh peas are in season in spring, but pea protein is becoming increasingly in demand all year round. Perhaps you'll first notice it as a supplement or "boost" at your favorite juice bar, as part of a dish at your local cafe or on supermarket shelves next to the old stalwarts, whey and soy protein powders.

I was first introduced a few years ...Read more

Sip Some Slightly Tipsy Tea

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A place in libation history has long been held by Long Island iced tea. Little did I know that I might go down as the creator of Staten Island ale tea. The beverage from the first aforementioned New York City suburban island is of course the powerful concoction of five liquors and lemon juice that may slightly mimic the flavor of iced tea and ...Read more

Raise the Bar with Food Nutrition Bars

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Food and nutrition bar makers have done a lot of work for you. With precision, they have balanced calories, fat, fiber, carbohydrates and other elements. Flavoring has also become sophisticated, with offerings that have covered everything from sweet to savory, such as those featuring international spices, like Kind bars Strong line.

As "A ...Read more

Spirals Are Now a Straight Line to Convenience Food

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Is your world spiraling out of control? Maybe it should be. Although that might sound hectic, in the culinary world, it's actually currently the opposite. Spiralizing your food just took some turns toward even the more convenient for quick "pasta" meals of everything from soups, salads, breakfasts and entrees.

For the last few years, the rage...Read more

Valentine's Week Offers More Romance than a Single Night

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If intimacy is at the heart of any romantic Valentine's dinner, how is that achieved inside jam-packed restaurants? Everything from the parking spaces in the lot, to the barstools for a toast before the meal, to a window seat with a view may come down to a wait and a competition, not to mention the hurried table turnover and roar of the crowds...Read more

Consider Upping Condiments to Star Status

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"On the side" is a phrase custom-made for condiments. However, the bold flavors and quality ingredients in many such store-bought products mean they should star in meals rather than take supporting roles. Since ingredient prep isn't a factor, they provide savvy shortcuts.

First, make sure the selections meet your standards (my favorite ...Read more


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