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New Year Horoscope? Even Happier Birthday Parties

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A new year means a calendar full of birthday celebrations. Birthstones have lots to do with birthdays, but not often with the celebrations themselves. A fun and tasty way to change that is by throwing a birthstone-themed party.

The good news, of course, is that since you know the birthday of the guest of honor, you have the key to researching...Read more

A New Year Can Mean Future Holiday Favorites

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January is the start of a new year, but what if it was also the beginning of new cooking adventures? Many of us spent months during the recent holiday season replicating generations' --old family favorites that we know are tried-and-true and much appreciated by family and friends. In fact, a lot of us recognize that we would have a virtual ...Read more

Here's to Healthy Holiday Hostess Gifts

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What if your indoor holiday tree, instead of the scent of inedible pine, had the aroma of delicious rosemary? In fact, rosemary, sage and thyme -- let alone a multitude of other flavorful sensations -- could be filling your holiday home and those of your friends and family if you give the presents of innovative produce gifts, instead of run-of...Read more

Getting to the Root of Rich Vegetables

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Whether you slow cook them yourself, or, like I often do, buy them ready made from your supermarket's deli counter, roasted root vegetables are a hallmark of the season. This hearty, hot dish is, as far as vegetables go, a rich treat.

If you think of members of the root crowd as dingy because they grow underground, reconsider since they come ...Read more

Toast Thanksgiving with Toasty Appetizers

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Toasting Thanksgiving with toast just may be an easy and inventive way to kick off a memorable holiday meal. Crostini, the popular Italian appetizer of small-topped toasts, can be the foolproof inspiration for unique seasonal hors d'oeuvres.

Usually, Italian ingredients and seasonings crown the toast. However, as Thanksgiving celebrations ...Read more

Brighten Up a Season of Sniffles with Comfort Food

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For many, it's the season of sneezes and sniffles, which can greatly dim taste buds and appetite. As colds and flus tighten their grips and days slowly pass, even orange juice loses its zing due to the pesky clogs that are palate transformers.

I've found what brightens the mood and even motivates sticking to healing techniques -- like getting...Read more


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