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Quick Fix: Avocado veggie sandwich perfect for a fast dinner

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Ripe avocado mixed with tomatoes, and hot pepper sauce makes a tasty, vegetarian sandwich. Adding a little bought pesto sauce adds more flavor. This sandwich is perfect for a quick dinner.

You may have to plan a little in advance to ripen your avocado. One tip to help avocados ripen is to remove the stem and place them in a bag in a warm spot. ...Read more

This drink is just the thing to cool you off in the heat of summer

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Agua fresca means “fresh water.” It is the name for a variety of drinks that are made by combining fruits, grains, seeds or flowers with sugar and water. Some of the most common agua fresca varieties are horchata (made with rice and nuts), agua de Jamaica (made with hibiscus tea), and any variety of melon. We chose watermelon for our recipe ...Read more

EatingWell: Winner, winner, this is a great shrimp dinner!

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In China, salt and pepper shrimp is traditionally made with tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorns. If you have some in the pantry, feel free to use them here; we opted for a combo of easier-to-find white and black pepper. The white pepper adds earthy flavor, while black kicks up the heat.

Salt & Pepper Shrimp with Snow Peas

Serves 4

Active Time:...Read more

Seriously Simple: Noodles with miso clam sauce are fast, easy and Seriously Simple

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A new cookbook landed upon my desk recently, and I couldn’t put it down. “That Noodle Life” has so many great recipes, stories and ideas. And did I mention there are photos for every recipe?

If you are a noodle lover, this is the book for you. There are low-stress weeknight recipes, date night recipes and soup noodles to soothe your soul...Read more

The Kitchn: Battenberg cake is a piece of British history

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For a quintessential British experience, enjoy a slice of Battenberg cake with a cup of afternoon tea. It is equally delicious when served alongside a cup of coffee, or as a sweet treat after dinner. This distinctive and elegant cake has a long history in the United Kingdom. It is said that the cake was originally created to celebrate the ...Read more

JeanMarie Brownson: This springtime lasagna offers warm-weather appeal

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Lasagna in the springtime? Oh, yes. Especially when it’s light and fresh with just enough pasta to create pretty layers. Omitting meat and heavy melting cheese, and swapping in roasted vegetables, gives the classic crowd-pleaser some warm weather appeal.

Zucchini gets a bad reputation for its watery profile and blandness. The trick is to ...Read more

The Kitchn: This simple method makes perfect roasted cauliflower

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Roasted cauliflower is a favorite side dish in my house. The hot oven renders the cauliflower supple and golden-brown, giving it both a caramel color and sweet, nutty flavor. The best part of roasting cauliflower is that it requires almost zero hands-on cooking and can easily be flavored with warm spices or aromatic garlic. And if you’ve ever ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Foods can take on different forms (and impact your nutrition)

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Perhaps you don’t give much thought to your morning bowl of oatmeal, lunch turkey and cheese sandwich, and dinner pasta. It all seems healthy, right? Well, research is making it clear that when it comes to the calories we consume every day, form matters. Not all fruits, breads, oats, potatoes, and nuts are created equal concerning their ...Read more

Italian Green Bean Salad

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The Skinny on Sugar Part 2

In our last installment, I talked about how there are a lot of myths and misinformation still floating around that relate to how we get sick and whether it has anything to do with sugar.

I covered the topics of Heart, Brain, and Teeth.

Today we will tackle 3 more, starting with Gut Health.

(Once again, my ...Read more

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Best Bites: Stuffed Puffs Big Bites Cookies 'n Creme

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If you like marshmallows, we found a snack for you. These Stuffed Puffs feature a large marshmallow somehow wrapped around cream-filled cookies and then coated in Oreo-like crumbles. They are good (albeit very sweet) right out of the bag, but try them warmed, either in the microwave or over a fire, and you are in for a real treat.

Size: 6.5 ...Read more


McDonald's has a new McFlurry coming on May 25

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McDonald’s will add a new McFlurry flavor to its menu on Wednesday, May 25: the Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry.

The dessert features vanilla soft-serve, chocolate-covered pretzel bits and a caramel topping to achieve a sweet and salty taste, according to a news release.

The flavor will be available for a limited time. McDonald’s will continue...Read more

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Gretchen's table: Strawberry season means it's time for a big, fresh salad

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One of the first true delights to turn up at farmers markets this time of year are local strawberries. Boy, they're terrific out of hand — just try getting a quart container of them home without snacking on a handful — but they also can add a sweet, juicy touch to any number of desserts and appetizers such as salsa and crostini.

Full of ...Read more

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Bethany Jean Clement: How do cookbook authors do it? Cynthia Nims on 'Shellfish' and her 50 (!?) new recipes.

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How do you write a cookbook? Cynthia Nims has nine to her credit, each very full of her very own recipes (and she has co-authored many more). Her latest — "Shellfish," just out from Seattle's Sasquatch Books — offers 50 new preparations she's devised that encompass seven kinds of mollusks and crustaceans. A graduate of École de Cuisine La ...Read more

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Old-fashioned baked goods: 4 recipes that should have never gone out of style

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Far away on a distant sea lies the Island of Old-Fashioned Baked Goods.

There, slices of applesauce cake play in the tall green grass. Charlotte russes dance in the dappled sunlight. Coconut cream pies huddle with date-nut bread to gossip about pineapple upside-down cake.

But despite the appearances, all is not happy on the island. The ...Read more

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Portillo's unveils its first vegan hot dog. Here's how it tastes.

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CHICAGO — Portillo’s, the Chicago-style restaurant chain, which began as a small hot dog stand in the suburb of Villa Park, unleashed its vegan Garden Dog at all locations across the country Tuesday.

“The feedback we’ve gotten is we have a lot of flexitarians who love our traditional hot dogs, but sometimes don’t want to eat them,” ...Read more

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Chicago's top fungi guy is out to save the world, one beautiful mushroom at a time

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CHICAGO — Contrary to what his profession might lead you to believe, Joe Weber hasn’t always been obsessed with mushrooms.

It’s not that he hated them either. Rather, while growing up in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, he didn’t think about mushrooms at all, beyond the rare occasion they would make an appearance at his family’s dinner ...Read more

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Dangerous DIY baby formula recipes go viral as parents get desperate

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As a nationwide baby formula shortage sends parents into crisis mode, social media posts containing dangerous misinformation about homemade formula recipes have gone viral online, racking up views in the millions. Although major networks like Facebook, TikTok and YouTube have taken steps to label photos, videos and posts with contextual ...Read more

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Quick Fix: Mushrooms add an earthy flavor to these perfect-for-Memorial Day burgers

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Looking for a really, juicy burger for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend or for anytime you want a burger. Try this one. Mushrooms add an earthy flavor to lean ground beef. They also make the burgers juicy.

The mushrooms are cooked before they are added to the ground meat. Be sure to cook them until they are dry, with no liquid left in the pan....Read more

Tahini and banana, a popular (and tasty!) pairing

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You know peanut butter, but have you tried tahini? While peanut butter is made by grinding up peanuts, tahini is a paste made by grinding up toasted sesame seeds and is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine (think hummus). Just be sure to stir it up before measuring for this dish.

“I thought it would taste weird because of the tahini...Read more

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After backlash, Neil Patrick Harris says gory Amy Winehouse gag was 'regrettable'

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Neil Patrick Harris regrets turning the death of singer Amy Winehouse into a gory gag at a 2011 Halloween party. More than a decade later, the actor is now facing a firestorm that reignited last week when the image returned to the internet's consciousness.

"A photo recently resurfaced from a Halloween-themed party my husband and I hosted 11 ...Read more