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VIDEO: Car factory shut down for 36 hours due to invading leopard

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(UPI) India's largest auto manufacturing plant was shut down for 36 hours when a wild leopard wandered onto the premises and evaded capture attempts.

Forest officials said the leopard was spotted about 4 a.m. Wednesday by security guards on the grounds of the Maruti Suzuki factory in Manesar.

The plant was evacuated and shut down while about ...Read more

Australian firefighters rescue kitten trapped in car dashboard

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(UPI) Firefighters in Australia spent hours working to rescue a kitten that was trapped inside a car dashboard.

Melbourne Fire Brigade Chief Greg Leach shared photos of firefighters dismantling the vehicle's dashboard to rescue the stranded kitten.

"Sunshine FS A Platoon had someone drop in after a kitten got stuck in the dashboard of his car!...Read more

It's just a pillow with a tail. And it's coming to replace your cat

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Have you ever just wanted a cat, but without a head?

The Qoobo is a new invention from Yukai Engineering that aims to give you all you need in a small furry companion without any of the mess, fuss or general responsibility of caring for a living and breathing animal.

It's essentially just a round pillow with a tail. There's no head or feet. It...Read more

My Pet World: Urinary incontinence in dogs can be frustrating to manage

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Dear Cathy,

I have a problem with Buster, my 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Buster loves attention, especially from new people or people he doesn't see often. The problem is, he pees when he gets excited. I'll let him out beforehand if I know someone is coming over. I also have unexpected guests go to the back door when they come in. This has...Read more

VIDEO: Jaguar turns tables on attacking caiman in Brazil

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(UPI) A caiman attacked a jaguar in a Brazilian river and appeared poised to dine on big cat when the feline pulled off a shocking upset victory.

A video posted to Twitter by the Araras Eco Lodge‏ shows the caiman, an alligator cousin, attacking the jaguar from behind in the Pantanal wetlands.

The combatants disappear underwater for a moment...Read more

Swedish cat missing for a year returned to owner in England

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(UPI) A cat that was missing for more than a year in England found its way home with the help of social media and the Swedish government.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Branch shared a photo of the Swedish cat that was found wandering the streets of England after being unable to read...Read more

Police officers rescue kitten trapped under hood of patrol car

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(UPI) Police in Oklahoma helped rescue a feisty kitten from a tight spot after it decided to stowaway underneath the hood of a patrol car.

Purcell Police Department shared photos as officers peered into the engine of the car to search for the trapped kitten.

"Tuesday evening MPO Paulk and Ofc. VanOort discovered a kitten in the engine ...Read more

Social Graces: How to deal with a pesky pet guest without insulting the owner

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Q: Your friend asks permission to bring his or her dog to your party. How can you set proper boundaries for the dog without offending your friend?

If possible, set the boundaries before the friend arrives with the dog.

Ask your friend to keep the dog on a leash at all times. The owner has firsthand knowledge of the dog and should stay close to...Read more

Meet this walking cat who's losing weight and finding celebrity in downtown Raleigh, N.C.

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- On Raleigh's busiest street, a 24-pound cat lumbers down the sidewalk twice a day, poking his head into bank lobbies, padding through sidewalk cafes, catching smiles from the high-dollar attorneys and hot dog vendors.

To Tucker, Raleigh's 20-year-old feline-about-town, Fayetteville Street serves as a concrete backyard -- a ...Read more

Dog on tracks interrupts Bay Area transit system

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(UPI) A dog interrupted public transit in California's Bay Area on Thursday morning after running onto the tracks.

San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system Twitter account shared an update about a dog on the trackway at the Coliseum Station at about 8 a.m.

"We are working to safely get the dog," the BART said. We need to single track ...Read more

Abortions easier to obtain than ever, yet nearly half worldwide are deemed unsafe, study finds

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It's never been easier to have a safe abortion. With improvements in drugs designed to end a pregnancy and the spread of telemedicine, women all over the world are gaining access to low-risk, noninvasive abortions.

But does this really mean that dangerous procedures are becoming a thing of the past? To find out, a team led by researchers at the...Read more

My Pet World: When a cat won't poop in the litterbox anymore

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Dear Cathy,

Our six-year-old housecat stopped pooping in the litterbox, but she still urinates in it. We find poop all over the house, but never urine. She doesn't have a favorite place to evacuate; it's on rugs, hardwood floors -- she isn't hiding it. We find it out in the open and it trails off. It seems like she continues to evacuate while ...Read more

VIDEO: Leopard captured after wandering onto farmer's land

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(UPI) A wandering leopard was tranquilized and taken to a zoo after it was found prowling around a farm just outside of a South African city.

Derrick Dercksen said he saw the leopard crossing the street at his property outside of Kempton Park and he and his brother contacted a veterinarian from nearby Bapsfontein to help remove the big cat from...Read more

Singapore pet food company launches art exhibit for dogs and cats

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(UPI) A pet food company in Singapore plans to launch an interactive art exhibit pecifically curated for dogs, cats and their owners.

Pets and their owners will have the opportunity to observe and interact with special pet-themed works of art at the "PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness" to celebrate the pet food brand's 10th ...Read more

Talking dogs: Taking your dog along for the ride? Modesto trainer has tips for car travel

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The cooler fall temperatures allow many dog enthusiasts to resume the enjoyable act of taking our dogs along with us in the car. Even the most dreaded errands are made easier with our happy little dog along for the ride.

Your vehicle should always be packed with the basic dog necessities: a leash (no retractable leashes in public areas, please)...Read more

534 border collies gather to break world record in Australia

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(UPI) More than 500 border collies and their owners gathered in an Australian park to break the world record for most members of the breed in the same place at the same time.

The Border Collie Owners of South Australia said the final tally at the Sunday event in Willaston Oval was 534, enough to take the record from TV veterinarian Katrina ...Read more

Living with cats and cockroaches may reduce kids' asthma risk

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Kids living in houses with cats, mice and cockroaches may have a lower risk of asthma, new research from Washington University shows.

The researchers looked at 442 kids living in the inner cities of St. Louis, Baltimore, Boston and New York City. They analyzed dust taken from the kids' homes to measure the concentrations of cockroach, mouse and...Read more

VIDEO: Firefighters use tiny oxygen mask to save puppy's life

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(UPI) A British firefighter's body camera was rolling when rescuers pulled a puppy from a burning building and used a pet-sized oxygen mask to save his life.

The West Midlands Fire Service posted a video to Facebook showing a firefighter's body camera's perspective of the rescue Monday in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham.

The firefighters ...Read more

VIDEO: Wild fox plays with dog at public park in Scotland

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(UPI) A man taking his dog for a walk in a Scottish park captured video of the canine playing with a wild fox after both animals apparently mistook each other for the same species.

Kris McDonald said he was walking his dog, Cricket, in Glasgow's Dowanhill Park when they came across a fox.

McDonald said the fox's intentions appeared friendly, ...Read more

My Pet World: Don't believe it; dogs can get fleas at a kennel

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We boarded our 115-pound white German shepherd, for 10 days. A few hours after picking him up from the kennel, we discovered he had fleas. The kennel owner said the flea life cycle was 14 days and therefore, my dog could not have gotten fleas during his stay. She said that the fleas couldn't have jumped from another dog or from the surroundings ...Read more