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Is there any safe way to eat cookie dough? Your baking-safety questions answered

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Taking away one of the small joys of baking, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is once again reminding families not to eat raw cookie dough. Its warning to "Say No to Raw Dough" comes as families prepare to bake in kitchens during the holiday season. The agency warns that eating or tasting unbaked products, such as dough or batter, ...Read more

My Pet World: What do you do when you find a lost pet?

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Dear Cathy,

I found a cat on the street with a collar, but no tag. I fed her and took her to my vet's office to check for a microchip. Since no microchip was found, I had her blood checked for HIV, etc. and her teeth cleaned before I brought her home. The bill was $450.

This kitty, apparently, was left on the streets; there were no lost signs ...Read more

Playing dogs stop traffic on Phoenix highway

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(UPI) Traffic came to a halt on a Phoenix highway when a pack of six dogs wandered into the roadway to frolic and play.

The Arizona Department of Transportation tweeted a traffic camera image Monday showing the six dogs, which were of various breeds and sizes, running loose in front of stopped vehicles on Interstate 17.

Arizona Department of ...Read more

Why does my cat lick her fur where I just petted her?

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Dear Joan: Whenever I pet our loving tabby cat, she immediately cleans herself in the area where I petted her.

Should I be offended because she doesn't like my scent and is trying to remove it, or flattered because she likes my scent and is enjoying it?

-- Rebecca

Dear Rebecca: As with a lot of things involving those wonderfully mysterious ...Read more

Mountain lion traps itself in homeowner's chicken coop

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(UPI) A California sheriff's deputy snapped a photo of a displeased-looking mountain lion that temporarily trapped itself inside a chicken coop.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office said deputies from the Morongo Basin Sheriff's Station responded Monday night to report of a mountain lion trapped inside a resident's chicken coop.

A deputy...Read more

Dog found waiting at home weeks after Camp Fire

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(UPI) A dog that had been missing since its California owner was forced to evacuate from the path of the Camp Fire was found weeks later sitting guard at the home.

Andrea Gaylord said her two dogs, Miguel and Madison, spend most of their time outside, and she was unable to locate them before being forced to evacuate her Paradise home.

Miguel ...Read more

Volunteers try to make life 'a little bit better' for neglected dogs

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DETROIT -- Volunteers with C.H.A.I.N.E.D. have seen it all. Dogs loose in backyards walking amid shards of broken glass. Dogs confined in spaces virtually covered in feces. Dogs who have frozen to death. Dogs rife with mange. And even dogs who have accidentally hung themselves with their chains.

Those horror stories are why the nonprofit exists...Read more

My Pet World: Should you worry when your cat goes from shy to friendly?

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Dear Cathy,

We have a female cat named Polly who we believe is about 17 years old. She's always been shy; no one has ever been able to pet her or get close to her. We adopted her with her twin sister Molly. Both of them hid under the china cabinet the first year we had them.

Last year, Molly, who became our social, loving girl, died from ...Read more

Shelter finds new homes for kittens with 'wobby cat syndrome'

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(UPI) A Michigan animal shelter said it found new homes for two kittens with "wobby cat syndrome," a rare condition that makes the felines appear to be dancing.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor said the kittens, dubbed Izzy and Twitch, were brought to the shelter with their mother in October when they were found as strays in ...Read more

Talking dogs: Not all people-dog matches are made in puppy heaven, Modesto trainer warns

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Recently, I dealt with a heart-breaking situation of a bad match between owner and dog. I usually deal with this type of case at least a dozen times a year, and it never gets any easier.

Irene is a lovely woman in her early 70s. On her birthday in February, she was given a new puppy by her well-meaning daughter and family. She was presented ...Read more

British company selling cat-resistant half Christmas tree

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(UPI) A British company is selling a unique Christmas tree online that features only the top half of an artificial conifer to protect it from babies and cats.

Catalog retailer Argos posting a listing online for a 6-foot "Half Parasol Christmas Tree" that only features branches on the top half of the artificial tree.

"Keep your perfectly placed...Read more

Problem Cat Costing Thousands

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Dear Annie: My problem certainly is not unique, yet I'm at my wits' end on how to handle it.

I love all animals dearly, but my favorite is a cat. I've had cats my entire life. Almost all have been rescues. I take great care to make sure they are fed, are given shots and go to the vet when they are sick, and I provide a safe and warm home for ...Read more

Dog rescued from between wall and fence in Wales garden

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Wales shared video from the unusual rescue of a bulldog that became wedged between a wall and a fence.

The RSPCA said animal collection officer Ellie West and inspector Julie Fadden responded to a call from a Waunarlwydd resident about a bulldog trapped between a wall and a fence in the home's garden.

The officer said ...Read more

'Oh, deer!' Missing Maryland State Police dog found safe

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A Maryland State Police dog has been found safe a day after escaping while running after a deer.

The K-9 bloodhound named Gunner went missing around 10 p.m. Wednesday, Nov, 28, in the Cordova area of Talbot County. Gunner noticed a group of deer in his handler's yard, and escaped his collar to chase after the deer in the woods.

"Gunner has ...Read more

Burger King's food promotion is going to the dogs

Pets / Cats & Dogs News /

(UPI) Burger King hopes its new food innovation is a doggone good one.

On Wednesday, the fast-food chain unveiled a new meal deal that includes a treat for dogs called the Dogpper, which "is the first flame grilled bone offered at BK for your best friend," according to a news release.

Burger King said the offer is a way for customers to enjoy ...Read more

My Pet World: Good reasons to restrain your dog (and your Christmas tree)

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Dear Cathy,

You really brought up a hot-button issue the other day. While walking on a trail, we came upon a large dog off leash. The owner told us not to worry that her dog was well-trained. I pulled my Shih-Tze close to me. Her dog came over though, and before we knew it, her dog was attacking mine. I was paralyzed and didn't know what to do....Read more

Cat spent four days stranded 50 feet up a tree

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Wales teamed with a tree surgeon to help a cat that spent at least four days stranded 50 feet up a tree.

The RSPCA said animal welfare officers were notified by members of the public that a tabby cat had been stranded about 50 feet up the tree in Llanrwst for at least four days.

RSPCA inspector Rachael Davies responded...Read more

Ikea store in Italy offers shelter to local stray dogs

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(UPI) An Ikea store in Italy is being praised for offering shelter to local stray dogs that would be endangered by winter weather.

A video filmed by Martine Taccia, a customer at the Catania, Sicily, store, shows dogs lounging in a "living room" set up inside the furniture store during cold and wet weather in the area.

The customer said ...Read more

Man rescues puppy with jar stuck on its head

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(UPI) A Russian man shared video from the rescue of a stray puppy he found with its head stuck inside a glass jar.

The video, filmed in Nachalovo, shows the man approach a puppy he spotted with its head stuck inside a glass jar.

The video shows the man make repeated attempts to free the puppy from the jar until the container finally comes ...Read more

Mysterious egg on ocean floor was actually a catshark, and it was moving, NOAA says

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A mysterious "translucent egg case" found last week off an uninhabited island near Puerto Rico has been identified by NOAA explorers as something few scientists had seen.

"Upon zooming in on this egg case," says a NOAA mission report, "we were able to clearly see the embryo ... actively swimming within the case."

This embryo...Read more


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