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As fatal truck crashes surge, U.S. government won't make an easy fix

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Trucker Jeff Kolkman was an ace within Green Transportation's squadron of "road pilots."

Kolkman was, his dispatcher said, "a very safe driver who followed the rules. He always put safety first."

Until one spring afternoon when he didn't.

In a dashcam recording from inside the cab of a 2016 Volvo semi, Kolkman stares down ...Read more

Fearless dog chases lion away from village

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(UPI) A fearless dog was filmed driving away a cowardly lion that wandered onto a farmer's property at the edge of an Indian village.

The video, filmed Tuesday by the property owner in Jungagadh, Gujarat, shows the lion wandering through the farm.

The big cat comes face to face with a barking dog and pauses for a moment to stare down the ...Read more

Dog mauling case highlights lack of standards for animals up for adoption, some experts say

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COLUMBIA, Md. -- After police linked a Columbia woman's death to a mauling by a pit bull she recently brought home, some animal behavior experts say the apparent attack highlights a gaping problem: There are no uniform rules for screening the millions of animals that go through shelters every year.

Little is known about this dog, though most ...Read more

Maryland woman's rescue dogs jump into Guinness book

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(UPI) A Maryland woman's rescue dogs have both made their way into the Guinness Book of World Records for their jumping skills.

Samantha Valle's greyhound, Feather, was honored by Guinness after her 75.5-inch high jump was determined to be the highest jump by a dog.

Valle's other dog, a border collie named Geronimo, earned records for most ...Read more

My Pet World: Redirect energy to keep kitten from chasing cats

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Dear Cathy,

I recently adopted a 9-week-old kitten we named Sonny. I have two older female cats, Dolly, who we have had 10 years, and Charlotte, who we have had eight years. My problem is Sonny chases after the female cats, and they run from him. He has tried to jump on their backs, but they are faster and get away. I tried putting them in ...Read more

Brave dog faces off with leopard in tense stand-off

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(UPI) A group of sightseers in India captured video of a tense stand-off between a stray dog and a leopard that wandered close to a road.

The video shows the dog barking at the leopard, which stares back at it for several moments while tourists snap photos from a nearby Jeep.

A forest official said the tourists likely saved the stray dog's ...Read more

Doreen Christensen: Shoppers unleash tirade against pets in stores (poop is involved)

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I hit a nerve.

Last week, I wrote that I'd had enough with pets in stores and that Publix, airlines and other businesses have begun to crack down on this annoying phenomenon. I received a tidal wave of comments via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the hundreds of notes were nasty, but a majority agreed that animals in stores and ...Read more

The Puppy Chronicles: How much time should a dog spend in his crate?

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Long walks on the beach and quiet meals are fine, but for true intimacy, for deep closeness, you have to sleep together, you know?

I am talking here, of course, about dogs.

I have always happily sacrificed a good night's sleep for closeness with a dog. Before I was married, I slept for years on a mattress on the floor. All my old dog Toby had ...Read more

Enough with the pets in stores! Leave your darn dog at home

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I was at Trader Joe's in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., pondering the Greek yogurts when a woman sidled up with a small dog on a leash.

As she fiddled with something in her purse, the dog jumped up, putting its paws on the containers in the cold case.

Annoyed and disgusted, I got the oblivious woman's attention, and asked her to please curb her dog. ...Read more

My Pet World: Woman says condo doesn't allow 'service' dogs

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Dear Cathy,

I live in a condo that doesn't allow certain service dogs. I have a certificate, a vest and badge, and a doctor's letter, but the president of the condo association doesn't want to look at it. I have panic attacks, anxiety and depression. When I have my lab with me, she calms me down until I am totally calmed down. Isn't there a law...Read more

Talking dogs: Tips for finding the right trainer for you and your dog

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Cindy writes that it has become quite a challenge to decide on a particular training style to implement with her dog. There are numerous trainers in her area to choose from. She's gone to a few of them, and each seems to have a different approach to remedy her dog's behavior. The difficulty is in deciding which training method is the right one. ...Read more

Stolen topiary dog returned to bakery badly damaged

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(UPI) A New York bakery owner said the thieves behind the disappearance of her topiary dog returned the item under cover of night.

Kim Vann, owner of Bakery on Bergen in Brooklyn, posted a video to Instagram showing a woman kicking the topiary dog outside of the business before picking it up and walking away.

The footage went viral and Vann ...Read more

Starving housecat found cowering on NC mountain peak. A rescue group saved him

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The tiny white cat was alone, wet, hungry and stranded on top of a 1,500-foot mountain peak.

His stark white fur left him exposed to predators.

But volunteers with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville were determined to save him, Jackie Teeple, spokeswoman for the rescue, told The News & Observer.

The cat, now called "Elgee" was spotted by...Read more

Minnesota firm offers pet owners 'fur-ternity leave'

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(UPI) A Minneapolis marketing company is offering employees "fur-ternity leave," a week of work-from-home days to help new pets adjust.

The firm, Nina Hale, announced on its website that it has adopted a company-wide policy of allowing employees to work flexible hours from home for one week when welcoming a new puppy or kitten into their homes....Read more

Fox snatches golfer's ball from Massachusetts course

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(UPI) A Massachusetts golf course shared video of a golfer's ball being stolen from the green by a mischievous fox.

The video, posted to Facebook, shows a golfer hitting his ball onto a green at the Springfield County Club while a pair of foxes watch from nearby.

The ball comes to a rest near the hole and one of the foxes, possibly mistaking ...Read more

My Pet Wordl: Socializing and training a fearful dog

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Dear Cathy,

My dog, Major, is a rescue who was 18 weeks old when we got him and is almost two years old now. I fell in love with him in his cage huddled against the wall with his head up the wall. He is so sweet and gentle.

I have taken him to dog parks where he is allowed to be with other dogs, and he loves it. He gets so excited when he sees...Read more

Fur-ternity leave for pet owners gains another supporter

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Some people rolled their eyes when a Nordic pet food company earlier this year announced it was offering paid "pawternity" leave to new pet parent employees. Now a Minnesota firm has hopped on the slow-moving bandwagon with its own policy.

The Minneapolis marketing company, Nina Hale, calls its pet parent leave policy "fur-ternity," and instead...Read more

Mechanical cats and dogs make great pets for dementia patients

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Helen is enamored with furry little Bonita, who purrs, meows and stretches out in Helen's arms.

"It's OK, it's OK," cooed the 84-year-old patient at the Alzheimer's Community Care organization's Specialized Adult Day Care Center in Boca Raton, as Bonita rolled on her back for a belly rub. "You're a pretty girl. Yes, you are. Are ...Read more

Cafe serving up ice cream in realistic puppy shapes

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(UPI) A Taiwan cafe's desserts are going viral thanks to the eatery's signature ice cream dish -- in the hyper-realistic shape of a small puppies.

The J. C. Co Art Kitchen in Kaoshiung is drawing in customers by serving up gelato in the shape of labrador, pug and shar pei puppies.

The gelato is available in chocolate, peanut and milk tea ...Read more

Fat shelter cat's unusual posture leads to viral fame

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(UPI) A portly cat up for adoption at a Chicago-area shelter is going viral due to his unusual habit of standing on his back legs to beg for food.

Bruno, a Russian blue cat at the Wright-Way Rescue in Morton Grove, was brought to the shelter in April and went viral during the weekend when the facility posted a video to YouTube showing his ...Read more