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Pet World: Barking and growling dog makes owner hesitant to have friends over

Cathy M. Rosenthal, Tribune Content Agency on

Both dogs and cats can have something called “pica,” where they eat non-food objects, like sucking on plastic bags or nursing wool. Pica can be caused by a range of things, like dietary deficiencies, health problems, genetic disposition, compulsion disorders and boredom. It also can be because the cat was weaned too young, which may be the case here because you found him when he was just six-weeks-old.

If you have ruled out health problems, then remove objects you think your cat might chew. Or spray the items with Bitter Apple to discourage him from chewing on them. Keep him mentally stimulated by playing with him for at least 10 minutes twice daily. Make sure he has lots of cat-friendly toys to pounce on and chew.

You also can put a feline pheromone collar on him and/or add feline pheromone plug-ins around the home. Pheromones reproduce the scent of a nursing mother cat, which calms most cats. I think your cat would greatly benefit from the use of pheromones in the home.

Dear Cathy,

I want to make an addition to your advice about using a ramp for a large dog. I take my senior Irish Setter to a canine rehab place and have seen several of those ramps being used. While some dogs use them successfully, others balk because the ramps are flimsy and scary. I have tried the doggy steps, but they are too small for a large dog. I did extensive research and found a mini ramp/step called Pet Gear Easy Pet Step that works well for my girl and requires no training. It's very secure, wide, and basically just one step with a slant about 24" long. It has saved my back and hers.

-Pat, Glastonbury, Connecticut


Dear Pat,

I checked out the ramp, and it looks quite sturdy and easy for a dog or cat to use. It’s not tall enough for a dog to climb into the back of an SUV, but you can use it to allow your dog to step into the car via the back seat or onto the couch. Thanks for sharing what works for you.


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