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My Pet World: What to do when a cat licks and chews clothing

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As popular as a green iguana

According to Reptile Magazine, "Leopard geckos have increased in popularity and are probably the most widely kept reptile pet next to the green iguana." While the average age of a domesticated gecko is 10 years, with some male geckos living more than 20 years, poor petkeeping can cut their lives short.

If you have a Leopard gecko or any other reptile, please write to me with your questions, but here's a few housing tips. Geckos are best kept in plastic or glass habitats that provide at least 10 inches by 10 inches of floor space and a minimum of 12 inches in height for each gecko you are housing. You can use newspapers or paper towels as the substrate (flooring) as well as specialty products at pet stores. Geckos need plenty of fresh water provided in a shallow bowl or lid, so they can easily access it. Their must-have item is a reptile hide box -- a place where your gecko can hide away and feel safe from the rest of the world.


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